May 20, 2024

Build38 launches its rebranding initiative to reinforce position as industry leader

Build38 rebranding


Build38 launches its rebranding initiative to reinforce position as industry leader

Build38 is proud to announce a monumental step forward with its new brand identity. It’s a significant moment for the company, marking a strategic rebranding initiative aimed at reinforcing its position as a leader in the industry.

Today Build38 made its announcement, showcasing not just a new logo but a comprehensive overhaul reflecting its commitment to innovation and excellence. CEO and Co-founder, Christian Schlaeger, emphasised the imperative of staying ahead in an environment where digital threats are ever-evolving: “Mobile apps are essential to our daily lives as consumers, but threats are on the rise and becoming more sophisticated by the day. You need protection that secures your apps, devices, and networks—and your backend too.”

The centrepiece of this rebranding is Build38’s new logo, meticulously designed to embody the essence of security. The letter “B” forms a barrier that represents a padlock, evoking a sense of protection against external threats. The colour palette, featuring blue lila and yellow sunflower against a backdrop of elegant dark blue, underscores the company’s commitment to leadership in mobile app security.

Yet, the rebranding isn’t merely aesthetic; it’s a strategic move to better articulate Build38’s core values and capabilities. Leticia Barcia, VP of Marketing, elaborated on the meticulous planning and analysis behind the initiative: “This strategic decision was guided by a clear vision and structured approach aimed at strengthening our leadership position in the mobile app security industry. By carefully analysing market trends, customer feedback, and the competitive landscape, we identified the need to refresh our brand identity to better align with our evolving business objectives and customer expectations.”

Crucially, Build38’s commitment to innovation extends beyond branding. With a focus on three layers of protection – mobile in-app protection, active hardening, and threat intelligence – the company continues to deliver tailored solutions to meet the evolving security challenges of businesses. In an era defined by digital complexity, Build38 stands as a steadfast guardian, safeguarding clients’ digital assets with unparalleled dedication and expertise.

Build38’s rebranding, a symbol of its focus on innovation and excellence in mobile app security

In conclusion, Build38’s rebranding isn’t just an aesthetic evolution; it’s a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence in mobile app security. As Build38 forges ahead with its refreshed identity, one thing remains certain: it is a company that will continue to lead the charge in safeguarding the digital frontier.


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