The mobile identity revolution where security matters

Mobile identity security - Build38

Digital mobile ID and mobile security ID wallets are revolutionising the dynamics of digital security in today’s hostile threat landscape. From contactless ID verifications and validations to a single sign-in method for various digital accounts, mobile ID is on track to reimagine digital accessibility, privacy and security What Exactly is Mobile ID? Mobile ID is […]

Digital Identity: Analysis of Mobile ID wallet adoption in Europe

Mobile ID wallet adoption - Build38

The European Commission believes a single digital gateway could save Europeans up to 855,000 hours of their time annually and companies more than EUR 11 billion per year. An online economy that is secure and competitive relies heavily on digital identity as a major component of data sovereignty. Authentication, authorization, transacting, and even paying all […]

5 Benefits of using Mobile ID Wallets and use-cases

5 Mobile ID use cases - Build38

Digital identity wallets enable a trusted, convenient, and rich online experience for users where they can provide their identity, authenticate on websites, sign documents digitally and confirm transactions.