10 API manipulation & attack vectors in healthcare

API attack eHealth - Build38

The use of e-Health mobile applications is increasing more than ever, both in their wide-usage and wide availability. Medical apps surged 53% in usage in Q2/2021 compared to the same period in 2019, according to a study from SensorTower.

Security framework from Build38 makes eHealth apps secure

Security framework eHealth - Build38

The rise of eHealth apps has intensified concerns regarding security and privacy, especially for apps handling sensitive health information. To address this, the Trusted Application Kit (T.A.K) offers a secure framework through code encryption, enhancing protection against potential hacker breaches.

eHealth apps already without security risks and side effects

Secure App development in eHealth - Build38

We are currently experiencing a boom in eHealth apps. Some apps accompany patients during certain illnesses, provide information and offer support, while other apps help with weight loss, exercise or serve as a means of communication between health insurers and customers.

The Need for Secure eHealth Apps

eHealth app security - Build38

In the healthcare sector, too, the range of apps has risen rapidly in recent years. Effectively, they have become everyday companions at work and at home.