The Key Role of API Security

The Key Role of API Security

Explore the role of API security with insights into the rising threats in mobile applications especially within the expanding attack surface of mobile applications.

Understanding App-Device Binding: A Pragmatic Approach

App device binding - Build38

Discover the significance of app-device binding in fortifying mobile app security against evolving cyber threats. Learn how Build38’s App Shielding features can seamlessly integrate this vital security measure, ensuring data confidentiality and regulatory compliance while bolstering user trust.

Exploring the latest 2023 OWASP Mobile Top 10 risks

OWASP's 2023 Mobile Top 10 list - Build38

Explore the dynamic realm of mobile security through OWASP’s 2023 Mobile Top 10 list, revealing vulnerabilities like improper credential usage, inadequate supply chain security, insecure authentication, and more, emphasizing the need for robust security practices in app development.

How Artificial Intelligence is transforming mobile app security

AI transforming mobile app security

Dive into the realm of artificial intelligence’s impact on mobile app security, elucidating its role in behavior-based threat detection, biometric authentication, predictive analysis, and other crucial security measures, shaping the future of mobile security.

A Deep Dive into Flutter’s Security: Workflow

Flutter's execution flow obfuscation - Build38

Delve into Flutter’s approach to obfuscating execution flow, examining its effectiveness against reverse engineering. While serialization and method name removal offer a basic layer of protection, a proactive security strategy is crucial to thwart sophisticated attacks.