Simplifying the Path to DiGA Certification

Simplifying the Path to DiGA Certification

Learn how Build38 can address the regulatory aspects of DiGA applications to help your Mobile App successfully get through the application process and get listed in the DiGA directory.

Securing the digital revolution by integrating “security by design”

Build38 security by design

Uncover the vital role of cybersecurity amidst the proliferation of IoT and the rise of cyber threats, with a focus on “Security by Design” principles and legislative initiatives shaping cybersecurity frameworks, essential for safeguarding digital products and ensuring compliance.

5 essential security keys for protecting mobile applications

protecting mobile apps

Explore the essential security keys for mobile application protection, covering obfuscation, secure storage, cryptography, communications, and code quality, and find out how Build38’s Mobile App Security Platform fortifies app security against innovative attacks.

OWASP top 10 application security vulnerabilities

OWASP top 10 app security vulnerabilities

Discover the crucial role of OWASP in bolstering web application security, unravel the key insights into the OWASP Top 10 security vulnerabilities, and harness the expertise of Build38 to fortify your mobile applications against evolving cyber threats.

Mobile app security: 4 reasons to secure applications

4 key reasons to secure mobile apps

Discover the escalating risks of unsecured mobile apps amidst the surge in cybercrimes, and delve into the top reasons for securing mobile apps along with actionable steps to mitigate vulnerabilities and protect user data.

Mobile services: fraudsters never sleep

Mobile services fraudsters never sleep

Build38 reveals the ongoing risk of mobile app hacking, detailing attack patterns, types, and the necessity for comprehensive protection and awareness measures.

What is remote wipe and remote lock

Remote wipe and remote lock

Explore how Build38’s innovative T.A.K feature empowers users to remotely wipe or lock their devices, safeguarding sensitive data from unauthorized access or theft, and ensuring peace of mind in case of device loss or theft.

How to improve mobile application protection

improve mobile app protection

In the dynamic landscape of digital business, application security is paramount. Discover how organizations are tackling security challenges head-on, from evaluating COTS solutions to enhancing internal development practices, to stay ahead in an ever-evolving threat landscape.