Securing the digital revolution by integrating “security by design”

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Uncover the vital role of cybersecurity amidst the proliferation of IoT and the rise of cyber threats, with a focus on “Security by Design” principles and legislative initiatives shaping cybersecurity frameworks, essential for safeguarding digital products and ensuring compliance.

7 Challenges to keep your Super Apps protected

Protect Super Apps - Build38

Discover the rise of Super Apps and the challenges they face in maintaining security amidst their multi-functional capabilities. Explore the seven key security challenges threatening Super Apps, from malware attacks to account takeovers, and learn how Build38 provides agile protection solutions to safeguard these versatile platforms.

eHealth apps already without security risks and side effects

Secure App development in eHealth - Build38

We are currently experiencing a boom in eHealth apps. Some apps accompany patients during certain illnesses, provide information and offer support, while other apps help with weight loss, exercise or serve as a means of communication between health insurers and customers.

The Need for Secure eHealth Apps

eHealth app security - Build38

In the healthcare sector, too, the range of apps has risen rapidly in recent years. Effectively, they have become everyday companions at work and at home.