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We are developers and product managers with a powerful tool and a passion for the highest levels of app protection. We provide mobile security products, services and strategies for leading innovative technology around the world.

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The problems we solve are the kind of problems you don’t even see or know of in detail. Build38 is mobile application security by a multinational team of industry professionals. We develop intelligent tools for data protection because we are fascinated by innovation. It makes us realize how profoundly we create our future, how much there is to be discovered and how much we need to rethink.

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Build38 provides the highest levels of security for mobile applications produced by financial institutions, enterprise services, insurance companies, and the automotive industry, among others. Our security software is designed to be invisible to the end user, yet it offers a maximum level of application security for confidential data.

Protect Your Mobile Market

The most valuable apps have the worst enemies. Multifunctional application intelligence is combining different protection systems at the same time. For hackers every single layer is an enormous challenge. For clients these layers of mobile security are invisible. For developers it is one framework that is surprisingly easy to handle.

Introducing the Trusted Application Kit

T.A.K is a security framework for mobile operating systems, used by developers.

For the Build38 Trusted Application Kit there is no such thing as too secure. T.A.K is a multi-layered application security framework with three different security features. By combining all features at the same time T.A.K is able to offer the best possible application security. T.A.K can be used as a stand-alone solution or alongside other security technologies. It is built into the application during the design phase and runs in every environment.

Mobile Security you can Build on

If mobile devices would be more secure, what would you do with your business? We don’t believe in playing safe. Caution should not dictate business decisions or the approach of future clients. The software solutions we provide are designed to empower economic growth. We specialize in mobile security for a global environment and a vibrant mobile market.

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We have learned from the best: The most powerful protection is invisible.

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Build38 will be exhibiting at the RSA Conference Asia Pacific and Japan in Singapore. If you like to meet Build38 in person feel free to contact us beforehand, visit us – or schedule a meeting with us.

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