April 9, 2019

Joaquín M. Fernández Barreiro

Managing Director Build38 Iberia Head of Product Development and Operations Never underestimate a friendly smile and a patient listener – especially not if his job is somewhat called “Dev Ops”. His patience and sense of timing, discretion and enduring leadership are part of his irresistable super power skills. A deep understanding for mobile security in …

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Pedro Hernandez

Head of Product Management & Co-Founder Quality Innovation Pedro Hernández is drawn to thinking big. His take on business is not global, it is cosmic. Continents are the smallest unit for him, his personal journey took him from Europe to Asia. Pedro is educated in terms of larger connections. His exceptionnel management skills come from …

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Torsten Leibner

Head of Product Management & Build38 Co-Founder T.A.K Product Mastermind As one of the masterminds behind the overall architecture of The Trusted Application Kit© Torsten is Head of Product Management by nature. Torsten Leibner is a hands-on manager with the curiousity of an explorer. With him everything somehow becomes doable. Obstacle are nothing but random …

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