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Build38 was born out of a desire to make the mobile world a safer place by securing mobile apps for providers and users, and protecting access to online services for billions worldwide.

Our story

Build38 was born out of a desire to make the mobile world a safer place by securing mobile apps for providers and users. We saw a need to go beyond mobile app self-protection in a world of increasingly sophisticated threats, and decided it was time for someone to step up and take mobile app security to the next level. Our mission? To establish trust in what has become a zero-trust environment.

Our people

If you stop by our offices, you’ll find a tightly-knit team of global security experts and developers who eat, sleep and breathe security. Whether it’s threats, compliance, certifications or security standards, we’ve got you covered.

Our name

We chose the word “Build” for our name because we felt mobile app security should be intricately woven—or “built”—into both mobile apps and their back end. Right from the start, we operated in 3 countries—Germany, Spain, and Singapore—and our company was founded by a team of 8 individuals: hence the name Build38.

The team behind the solution

Dr. Christian Schläger
Chief Executive Officer
Joaquín M. Fernández
Chief Operations Officer
Marc Obrador
Chief Technology Officer
Pedro Hernández
Chief Strategy Officer
Torsten Leibner
VP of Markets and Regulation
Cristina Serrano
Director of Talent & Transformation
Adam Hawthorne
VP of Sales
Daryl Ko
Regional Director Sales APAC
LEticia BArcia
VP of Marketing
Raul Saavedra
Head of Product Marketing
Jordi Ventayol
Head of Security
Rubén Olivares
Engineering Manager

Empowering diversity and strengthening security across the globe


55 full-time employees,
31% of whom are female


74% of our workforce come from different backgrounds, we prioritize diversity


50 customers in 4 continents


3 geo-redundant cloud locations


+200M endpoints protected


+5K device models catalogued

Advisory board

Dr. Michael Hochholzer
Dr. Michael Hochholzer
Board Member
G+D Ventures
Roma Jelinskaite
Roma Jelinskaite
Board Member
Caixa Capital Risc
Dirk Seewald
Dirk Seewald
Board Member
Javier Polo
Javier Polo
Board Member
Augustin Blanchard
Augustin Blanchard
Board Member
Tikehau Capital

Our investors

Join the adventure

We’re always looking for smart, motivated people from diverse backgrounds to join our team. Explore our current job opportunities and find out why Build38 is the right place for you!

The World is our headquarters

As a global company, we want to make the mobile world a better place by securing access to online services for billions worldwide. Our mission isn’t limited by borders, but for practical purposes, we are based in Munich, with offices in Barcelona and Singapore.



Tal 12
D-80331 Munich



Avda. Josep Tarradellas 38, 4th floor
08029 Barcelona



1 North Bridge Road, #08-08

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