Mobile App Security Framework for App Agencies and Developers

Secure app in three minutes

Your daily project routine is well planned. Thereby you are concentrated intensively on the design and implementation of mobile iOS and Android appswhether they are written as native or hybrid (for example Flutter or React Native) apps. The goal is to provide your customers with an optimal experience in terms of user-friendliness and ease of use for maximum satisfaction? You are the specialist in this field! Your team knows exactly which features and functions are required for this.

What about your app security concept? Have your customers written corresponding specifications into their catalog of requirements, or do they have to fulfill regulatory guidelines?

Recent media reports show that security issues related to apps can cause significant reputational damage. In addition, operators can lose almost their entire community. In the worst case, the app disappears completely from the market and you as a developer can also lose sales and reputation as a result.

Actually, you would have to assign a separate team just for the security part. This would cause immense costs and significantly delay the delivery date, thus also the official market launch.

The Build38 Security Framework gives you the ability to integrate all aspects of In-App ProtectionIn-App Reaction and In-App Monitoring into your app in under 3 minutes. Enjoy the benefit of being able to focus on your core tasks in further developing app features and your mobile business.

How about expanding your existing range of services and generating additional sales?

On top of that, benefit from a flexible partner program with an easy-to-integrate business model (subscription model) to generate additional recurring revenue with attractive margins.

You have questions?

3-in-1 solution: App Security from the very first minute

Faster development
Meet promised deadlines

Easy integration and instant protection
App security always up-to-date

Open up new markets and customers
Complete more projects in less time


App security in 3 minutes - T.A.K integration video

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Integrate In-App Protection quickly and easily

Integrate In-App Protection quickly and easily
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