App Safety

Apps are not only in danger. Apps are the danger.

IT structure is shaped for business needs. Build38 is interested in the logical inconsistencies of a code. A program, that was extended over time, contains hidden mechanisms. They are not even familiar to the company developers. Every add-on and extension comes with a risk of gaps and breaches, small enough to cause further errors. Because of their non-existance they never undergo maintenance or controls. They are stardust. Tiny particles in space. On these pages we introduce you to the Trusted Application Kit. This is where we are drawing all of our ideas together. It is designed for the all important human aspects of how to feel safe and how to trust while giving away the most personal data.


Secure Lifecycle for Applications

Society, politics and law constantly work on improving the overall level of protection in various sectors. The need for being protected and feeling safe is undenied and omnipresent – on an abstract level. When it comes down to the single human being the perception differs. If you ask smartphone users about their personal belief in mobile safety and data protection within the apps they use, the answer is drastic: “Protect me, I want to feel safe.” For companies the message is clear: There is a way to get closer to the enduser’s needs and to develop a mobile market: a safe way.


Protection and Prevention

If compliance is an interest, we can offer an approach to level up data protection to a maximum. The Build38 mobile security framework for rich applications meets the high standards of European Privacy Law. Our ideas reach beyond privacy laws. Build38 challenges companies to break out of the minimum demands of law and look beyond, almost up to the point where GDPR is irrelevant. Build38 Mobile Security creates an ecosystem where customers, employees, shareholders and society trust mobile technologies. By preventing the unauthorized analysis, modification, copying, and usage of the most critical parts of an application, application security does exactly what GDPR demands and customers expect: it prevents access to highly confidential and critical user information. To provide active protection to the applications, the application can be monitored for suspicious behavior while the end user actively uses it.