App security specialist Build38 welcomes Manuel Holzhauer as new advisory board member

Focus on digital transformation in the finance and insurance market

With immediate effect Manuel Holzhauer joins the advisory board of Build38. In doing so, the start-up benefits from its many years of experience and extensive network from its activities in the start-up, finance and insurance industries. Holzhauer currently operates as Insurance Industry Executive at Microsoft.

Before his current position at Microsoft, Manuel Holzhauer worked for many well-known companies and organizations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Accenture, Munich Re and the InsurTech Hub Munich. Through the InsurTech Hub, he has known and supported Build38 GmbH since its foundation. He has a passion for innovation and digital transformation in the finance and insurance sector. Especially in the financial industry, customer centricity is a decisive competitive factor. This applies to internal processes, but much more to external customer interfaces. Here, the focus should be on customer benefits at all times. For example, mobile apps can be used to implement new concepts that improve communication with customers and simplify the execution of transactions.

“Mobile apps as a front end to the customer are now very important to many companies. Here, developers and operators often focus on the functionalities or the user experience, but not on the necessary security and compliance. However, since the banking and insurance sectors in particular have security as a key value proposition, cyberattacks pose an enormous threat that can quickly become a reputational risk. Therefore, in my view, it is essential to take appropriate safety measures. For this reason, I see it as essential to integrate app security during the early development phase. This is exactly where Build38’s innovative concept comes in,” says Holzhauer.

“We are pleased to have Manuel Holzhauer on board, an experienced expert whose inspiring ideas and good relationships will help us build bridges in the world of finance and insurance. With his support, we are able to expand the reach of our app security approach, make new contacts and advance business processes,” says Dr. Christian Schläger, CEO of Build38. 

Manuel Holzhauer, new member in the advisory board
from Build38