App security specialist Build38 welcomes Manuel Holzhauer as new advisory board member

App security specialist Build38 welcomes Manuel Holzhauer as new advisory board member

Focus on digital transformation in the finance and insurance market

With immediate effect Manuel Holzhauer joins the advisory board of Build38. In doing so, the start-up benefits from its many years of experience and extensive network from its activities in the start-up, finance and insurance industries. Holzhauer currently operates as Insurance Industry Executive at Microsoft.

Before his current position at Microsoft, Manuel Holzhauer worked for many well-known companies and organizations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Accenture, Munich Re and the InsurTech Hub Munich. Through the InsurTech Hub, he has known and supported Build38 GmbH since its foundation. He has a passion for innovation and digital transformation in the finance and insurance sector. Especially in the financial industry, customer centricity is a decisive competitive factor. This applies to internal processes, but much more to external customer interfaces. Here, the focus should be on customer benefits at all times. For example, mobile apps can be used to implement new concepts that improve communication with customers and simplify the execution of transactions.

"Mobile apps as a front end to the customer are now very important to many companies. Here, developers and operators often focus on the functionalities or the user experience, but not on the necessary security and compliance. However, since the banking and insurance sectors in particular have security as a key value proposition, cyberattacks pose an enormous threat that can quickly become a reputational risk. Therefore, in my view, it is essential to take appropriate safety measures. For this reason, I see it as essential to integrate app security during the early development phase. This is exactly where Build38's innovative concept comes in," says Holzhauer.

"We are pleased to have Manuel Holzhauer on board, an experienced expert whose inspiring ideas and good relationships will help us build bridges in the world of finance and insurance. With his support, we are able to expand the reach of our app security approach, make new contacts and advance business processes," says Dr. Christian Schläger, CEO of Build38.

Manuel Holzhauer, new member in the advisory board
from Build38

eHealth apps already without security risks and side effects

Goodbye to security and data protection problems

We are currently experiencing a boom in eHealth apps. Some apps accompany patients during certain illnesses, provide information and offer support, while other apps help with weight loss, exercise or serve as a means of communication between health insurers and customers. Soon there will also be the e-prescription and the electronic patient file. What all these apps have in common is the need for maximum security. In the case of the electronic patient file in particular, there is currently a lot of discussion about security and data protection. But if these factors were taken into account appropriately during the development process, there would be no need to worry about them. Appropriate solutions that take all important security aspects into account are already available on the market.

Comment by Dr. Christian Schläger, Managing Director of Build38

Of course, it is of paramount importance that apps – especially eHealth apps – are sufficiently protected against cyberattacks. In healthcare and also in apps, a lot of sensitive and personal data is processed which is extremely worth protecting. For example, diabetics enter their measured blood glucose levels, or people who are about to lose weight note their weight and have their body mass index calculated. The fact that this data is not intended for everyone probably does not need to be mentioned here. That's why we can understand why users are currently focusing on the security and data protection of these apps.

Security is often neglected in app development

Nevertheless, the security aspect is often initially neglected during app development due to a lack of expertise, time and budget. Before thinking about establishing certain security measures, many companies give top priority to the design and the fastest possible launch date. If an app is then launched under this assumption, it usually does not offer sophisticated protection against data theft, app cloning or other cyberattacks.

It's so easy to integrate security into apps right from the start. The days when large sums of money had to be invested and it took an extremely long time to secure an app 100 percent are over. In the meantime, there are modern and more cost-effective alternatives in the form of frameworks that can be integrated during app development in a short time. Such frameworks can prevent attacks and unauthorized access, so that sensitive data can never fall into unauthorized hands.

This should make it possible to finally remove all concerns about security and data protection.





Gebäude TÜV Austria

Mobile app security through security framework: Build38 enters into distribution partnership with TÜV AUSTRIA subsidiary SPP

Mobile app security through security framework: Build38 enters into distribution partnership with TÜV AUSTRIA subsidiary SPP

Expansion of the partner network in the DACH region

Munich, February 23, 2021 – With the number of mobile applications growing every day, the topic of app security plays an important role worldwide. Attacks, in which cybercriminals gain access to apps via security vulnerabilities and thus obtain sensitive data, occur again and again. To solve this global problem and make apps secure, Build38 has developed a Software Development Kit (SDK) that includes a collection of essential security features. To make its SDK available to even more companies in the future, the solution provider is pursuing the expansion of its partner network. By cooperating with the reseller SPP, a wholly owned subsidiary of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group, Build38 is taking another important step in this direction.

Mobile applications on smartphones and tablets have become an indispensable part of everyday life. With the constant use of apps, it is important that they are completely secure so that hackers cannot gain access to it and manipulate it or be able to pick off data. Consequently, every app should be equipped with the necessary security features during development, which the framework from Build38 includes. This allows all Android and iOS apps to be secured from the ground up, so developers, operators and users no longer have to worry about potential cyberattacks.

Expansion of sales activities

Through the newly concluded partnership with TÜV AUSTRIA Group member SPP, Build38 is opening up a new sales channel in the DACH region. "We are pleased to have gained another experienced and well-positioned partner," says Dr. Christian Schläger, Managing Director at Build38. "TÜV AUSTRIA Group's international focus and wide range of authorizations give us the opportunity to offer our mobile app security solutions in additional markets with immediate effect. It is important to us to draw attention worldwide to the need for app security, which can be ensured easily and quickly with our SDK. SPP and TÜV AUSTRIA can provide us with excellent support in this regard."

"Mobile security, specifically secure app development, is an increasingly important topic in today's society and economy. Great damage can quickly arise here – both for the operator and the user – if the topic of security is not focused on at an early stage," says Andreas Koeberl, General Manager at SPP. "We have taken a close look at Build38's security framework and see high potential in it for a holistic security concept for apps."

Andreas Koeberl, General Manager SPP

Andreas Koeberl, General Manager SPP

Build38 brings new investors on board and gets three million euros funding in its Pre-Series A round

Build38 brings new investors on board and gets three million euros funding in its Pre-Series A round

Pushing the growth story further with fresh capital

Munich, Münster, Barcelona, January 12, 2021 – Two years after its foundation and many successfully implemented projects, Build38 is ready for the next growth step. The provider of mobile app security solutions has succeeded in closing its Pre-Series-A funding round with two new investors. This brings the number of Build38's institutional backers to three. In addition to G+D Ventures, which originally joined as a seed investor, Caixa Capital Risc and eCAPITAL ENTREPRENEURIAL PARTNERS are now also part of the team and co-led the round. With the capital received, the expansion into further markets is to be driven forward and the multi-layer security framework is to be further developed with AI functions.

In the first two years of its existence, Build38 has succeeded in concluding several long-term contracts worth several million euros from key industries like automotive, transit, e-identity, digital healthcare and financial services. Apps include digital car keys, mobile ticketing, SoftPOS and government-approved mobile IDs, which Build38 protects. To address even more markets and application scenarios in the future, the company has embarked on a search for funding partners.

eCAPITAL is a venture capital firm that provides early to growth stage funding to technology companies in the fields of software & information technology, cybersecurity, industry 4.0, new materials and cleantech. eCAPITAL joining as a shareholder validates Build38’s solution offering, value proposition and market. Caixa Capital Risc, being one of the leading VCs in Spain backs early-stage tech B2B SaaS companies, focus on deep tech theme, and predominantly invests in Spanish and Portuguese technology companies. Build38 has an office in the city of Barcelona where a significant part of their development and operations are hosted and Caixa Capital Risc will work closely with the team to help growing and bringing business in Southern European markets.

Investment in Product and Market Growth

The financial injection from the two new investors will be used in Europe and Asia to expand the capabilities of the Security Solution and Mobile Fraud Protection with additional AI functions. In this way, it should be possible in the future not only to protect apps from potential attacks and threats, but also to predict when they might occur. Furthermore, an expansion of the business development team in Europe and Asia is planned. In addition, new fields and channels will be developed in the currently existing regions to expand the partner network.

"We are happy to have two such experienced investors newly on our side, who trust in our solution and our chosen course," says Dr. Christian Schläger, CEO of Build38. "With their support, we are able to further advance our security framework, tackle new markets, and expand our team and network. Although 2020 has been full of challenges, we have taken the opportunity to explore our market and growth strategies, and have started to identify and build the appropriate sales channels. Following on from this, we have already succeeded in establishing long-term customer relationships and generating business. Giesecke+Devrient - our existing investor and important customer and reseller in Europe and Asia - has been a major support in this. This development gives us a positive start to 2021 with a clear focus on the growth of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business."

Growth market “Mobile Security”

In the previous year, it was possible to observe how strongly companies expanded and increasingly used mobile channels. More and more consumers are interacting digitally with service providers - mainly via mobile apps. This general trend was accelerated by the pandemic situation. At the same time, however, attacks on Apps and mobile commerce increased at an above-average rate. This trend brings with it numerous challenges in terms of security and fraud. Build38 can help service providers and their solution providers bring innovative, fraud-proof services that comply with security and privacy regulations to market in the shortest possible time and with a optimal return on investment. With its SaaS offering, Build38 ensures that customers and partners always receive continuous customer service and benefit from enhancements and updates throughout the product lifecycle.

Roma Jelinskaite, Principal at Caixa Capital Risc and member of the Build38 Advisory Board, says about the investment: “Cybersecurity is the present and the future of mobile application development. We are incredibly excited to back the entire Build38 team as they take on this hard-to-solve problem. Build38 develops cybersecurity services that bring the magic of complete mobile application protection solution with full visibility to security teams. Moreover, as they are constantly under immense pressure of cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated and volume grows exponentially.“

Dirk Seewald, Partner at eCAPITAL and member of the Build38 Advisory Board, adds: „Mobile-first is a wave that comes with tremendous challenges securing the mobile itself, the app, digital valuables and personal data in the app as well as the backend processing infrastructure. There is no easier way than integrating the Build38 solution into mobile developers‘ and providers‘ systems to integrate a powerful cyber security architecture with just a few keystrokes. We very much look forward to becoming part of the Build38 success story and to work with a highly experienced team building the next mobile security category leader.“





Build38 is selected for the participation in the Swiss KICKSTART program 2020 edition

Build38 was selected after various rounds of pitching and presenting to be part of the 2020 cohort of the renowned Swiss accelerator program KICKSTART. This is for me a great honor but even more a great opportunity to conquer the Swiss market and show industry leaders like AXA, Mobiliar, Swisscom, PostFinance and others what Build38 and its Application Kit and Threat Insights can do.

Having worked for years in Switzerland I know that the entry barrier in such a mature market that values privacy and security tremendously high is hard. Your solution must be groomed to the needs of the Financial Service Industry of the country and then is ready to scale externally as well.

KICKSTART is different to other accelerators as it values PoCs and Co-Development above anything else. For us having a leading technology already a great way to extend services and build the envisioned platform for secure and easy-to-use app development further.

Needless to say, we are going to Zurich fully motivated and teaming tech and business development to get the most out of the program for us and the partners.

While myself and Joaquin did the pitching and started the program, Christoph and Marc will also take part and extend the local / virtual team.

Bear with us for news on features and use cases coming out of these labs!

CYSEC and Build38 partner to streamline the secure deployment of Mobile App Security and Threat Protection

Lausanne - Switzerland, Singapore, Munich - Germany – June 4th, 2020

Build38 GmbH, the global provider of Mobile Application Security made in Germany, is partnering with CYSEC SA from Switzerland to offer a fully-integrated solution combining mobile and backend deployments for Enterprise customers.

Mobile app fraud is on the rise with a 70% increase year over year, jeopardizing business models, revenue streams and endangering customer data and company secrets. Build38 has developed an app shielding and mobile threat detection solution for the hardening of apps , identification of attacks and prevention of fraud. The Build38 solution is available as a service and protects mobile applications across various industries including automotive, banking, insurance, public transportation and healthcare.

Cryptography and secure key-generation are the key enablers of the innovative and cutting-edge next generation AI-based app protection and management platform called T.A.K (Trusted Application Kit).

While the security application is executed on the smartphone, the use of a backend fully delivers intelligence and attack resilience. While some Build38 customers choose to run it on the public cloud, depending on the region, some decide to deploy it in a dedicated environment as the application is considered security-critical, following the larger trend of the hybrid cloud model. The hybrid cloud approach consists of running all sensitive software in a separate environment (in a secured cloud or in a physical server) that provides better protection and more control. Safer deployments may also be required to comply to national regulations specifying that certain data cannot leave the country or must be handled following strict security standards.

In order to build and deploy a security-sensitive application with critical data in the backend, an organization must integrate a range of security tools and components. Such patchwork solutions are today difficult to manage, hard to scale, and prone to security weaknesses. The market lacks an all-inclusive, certified and integrated cybersecurity solution.

CYSEC provides such an all-inclusive cybersecurity solution that integrates all the components needed to deploy rapidly a secured backend infrastructure. This is achieved by integrating all the security components in a unique certified appliance that abstracts the application layer by running containerized software using the modern virtualization tools like Docker, Kubernetes, etc.

As a result, ARCA offers an unprecedented combination of security performance and ease of deployment, allowing companies to benefit from the best protection without changing the tools they currently use.

It was natural for CYSEC and Build38 to enter into a partner agreement. Both companies are joining forces to integrate the T.A.K application into the secured environment ARCA and offer it as a fully integrated and ready-to-use package, either on premises on a physical ARCA server or as a service from the CYSEC datacentre in Switzerland.

The joint solution will combine the benefits of the Build38 mobile app protection with the secured backend implementation on ARCA streamlining the efforts for deploying them.


Christian Schläger, CEO at Build38 GmbH: “We’re delighted to be able to offer to our customers a fully-integrated package of our T.A.K. application on the ARCA backend infrastructure. We want to be able to provide the implementation model that suits the best our customers needs, being on the cloud or on premises. We‘re having more and more requests for deployments on premises and ARCA beats all competition by offering a secured backend infrastructure without the pain that usually goes with it.”

Patrick Trinkler, CEO at CYSEC SA said: “Mobile security is definitely a burning issue for many industries and the Build38 in-app protection provides a compelling solution. We’re very happy to offer Build38 customers a secured and compliant backend implementation of the T.A.K. application with the same process and efforts as deploying it on a public cloud.”


About Build38 GmbH

Build38 is a global provider of mobile application protection solutions. Its Trusted Application Kit (T.A.K) represents a new generation of app-hardening technologies that protects apps from known and unknown attacks and opens the market to new digital business models. Build38 protects applications across various industries including automotive, financial, public transport and health care. Build38 is headquartered in Munich with global offices in Barcelona and Singapore. The company is a spin out of Giesecke + Devrient and ranks among the best IT Security startups in Germany. For further information about Build38 visit


CYSEC SA is a cybersecurity company based at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland, whose mission is to shorten the time-to-market of innovative services by facilitating their integration into a secured IT environment. In order to achieve its mission, CYSEC developed a general-purpose security platform called ARCA able to store data and execute applications in a Trusted Environment. By lowering down the barriers to protect data and software, CYSEC enables its customers to benefit from a whole new level of flexibility and agility which is a game-changer today considering the fast-pace at which security and business requirements evolve. CYSEC focuses on the provision of its cybersecurity solutions in four vertical sectors, namely financial services, IoT, space and telecoms. For more information, please visit

TeleTrusT Special Offer: Complimentary Mobile Security Solution „Be first to get your customers back“

Dr. Christian Schlaeger, CEO & Co-Founder of Build38 Build38 wants to support TeleTrust partners and other companies in a difficult economic time to quickly implement their mobile applications and digitization efforts. We see every day that the mobile app becomes the preferred access and contact with your customers. We are your service and solution provider in difficult times: Focus on the app and the interaction with your customers, and we provide the security. So you are faster on the market and save time and resources, so that your customers can rely on you – who you rely on #BuildonBuild38.

Our offer for you until 15.7.2020: Start a PoC of the Trusted Application Kit (T.A.K) with us and get free access to your personalized development and test platform on our Build38 Cloud. You get personalized and specially secured SDK components for up to 2 apps (each on iOS and Android). Our DevOps team will support you with up to 3 days of integration support. You also get access to the documentation, learning materials and code examples for the fastest app integration available on the market! Go live with the apps in the App Store until the end of June 2020 and get 3 more months of free use of the Build38 T.A.K Cloud platform.

T.A.K protects your mobile app and your customers’ data against attacks. Access to sensitive data, storage and transmission of data is protected by T.A.K. We support companies in implementing their security requirements for apps more quickly in order to gain satisfied customers on the market faster. Your security and compliance teams always have a detailed overview of how your apps are being used in the field and can intervene with appropriate measures at any time.

T.A.K Mobile Security SDK and platform is made by developers for developers, with the goal of easy integration into your Android and iOS projects. You no longer need special expertise in cyber security, which makes development faster and more efficient. Our security as a service approach keeps app security always up-to-date.

Not part of the offering is the Trusted Governance Kit T.G.K. the GRC solution for app monitoring and management. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Build38 is a global cyber-security company with customers from various industries, such as finance and insurance, automotive, health care, and more.

Contact us directly: 

Munich transport association MVV relies on Build38 for the security of their Mobile eTickets

MVV App secured by Build38
Mvv App Screenshot 2020

It’s finally a public reference: the city of Munich’s transport association MVV is using Build38 Trusted Application Shield T.A.K to ensure the fraud prevention for their app-based public transport tickets.

They rely on anti-cloning, binding app, identity and ticket and easy to use control codes (among 2 dozen other security features).

We are extremely proud of helping the digitalization in our hometown Munich!

If you want to know how tickets for public transport, events, digital content etc. can be secured as well and you want to save resources and time as well – contact us at and read our case study!

Business continuity during COVID-19 outbreak

Dear all,

The challenges we all face currently with the COVID-19 outbreak can not be faced alone. Build38 has been working against the COVID-19 impacts right from the start helping our customers in China, having colleagues and an office in Singapore and now being indirectly affected with the teams in Munich and Barcelona.

As a result, we have strengthened two areas for our customers:


  • Security as a Service – integrating new features and functions for you so you can concentrate on your main business and leaving constant security and compliance to us
  • Full-service provider – integrating app development capabilities with our certified partner to offer you the complete solution and support you need from the front end (App) to your backend, SIEM integration and

For our colleagues and their families, we have strengthened the already existing possibilities for home office and flexible work time. The health of our team and their loved ones is extremely important to us. All non-essential travel has also been suspended, and all internal and external meetings will take place virtually. We understand this may impact some planned meetings, but we hope that all participants understand the gravity of the current situation.

As a company we have taken the necessary measures and updated our planning to fight the economic challenges. All our s Christian Schlaeger Build38 ystems are cloud-based and are fully automated, so we can reassure you that our service delivery functions will continue without disruption. Our staff remains available via the known virtual channels.

We stay sharp and vigilant to help our customers worldwide with the best service from Singapore to Barcelona and support our current pilots and PoCs and everyone interested in getting into the mobile market to stay in business.

We from Build38 wish you all to stay healthy and thank you for your understanding.


Dr. Christian Schläger
Managing Director (CEO) & Co-Founder

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Build38 was mentioned in the news apropos our year end financials and the traction our young company already gained in 2019.

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