Participation at the Black Hat Asia 2020 conference by our APAC Managing Director

During the Black Hat Asia 2020 event, held between September 29th and October 2nd and that happened virtually this year due to the global COVID19 situation, there was a session where a panel of Singapore entrepreneurs discussed about the challenges that start-ups in the Cyber Security space have to face these days. Titled “Hunting Cheese in Pandemic Pandemonium” the discussion versed around the changes that different founders had to introduce in their companies and go-to-market in order to navigate the situation as best as possible. Inspired by the 90s’ business classic “Who Moved My Cheese?”, ICE71 partnered with Black Hat Asia to bring this live panel – where Cyber Security start-up leaders will come together to discuss how agile start-ups can strengthen or reposition themselves to add value during these times of change.

Build38 Managing Director in Asia-Pacific, Pedro Hernandez, was invited to take part as a member of ICE71 Scale Programme. He shared several perspectives on how Build38 has gone through the Pandemic situation and highlighting three different levels:

A first operation level where we had to adapt to the work-from-home policy, as it has become the norm, and the practical impossibility to travel for business in the South-East Asia region for several months. A second tactical level where marketing has been moved from physical events and trade shows to the digital space, through webinars and digital marketing campaigns. A third one, at the strategic level, where the overall plans and go-to-market had to be fine-tuned for the new situation that impacts some of the growth planning decisions.

Particularly,  Pedro shared his view how Build38 has shifted the client communication from achieving strategic goals (like preserving brand reputation and avoiding long term risks), to more tactical and short-term goals (like quicker time to market, reduced investment, and optimised resources).

More information can be found at this post from ICE71.