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Comply BSI in eHealth - Build38

eHealth, Industry

February 21, 2023

How Build38 helps eHealth companies to comply with BSI technical guidelines

Healthcare data security is a governmentally regulated area of scope and it is governed by Federal Laws coming under the jurisdiction of BSI’s guidelines

API attack eHealth - Build38

eHealth, Industry

February 8, 2022

10 API manipulation & attack vectors in healthcare

The use of e-Health mobile applications is increasing more than ever, both in their wide-usage and wide availability. Medical apps surged 53% in usage in Q2/2021 compared to the same period in 2019, according to a study from SensorTower.

Security framework eHealth - Build38

eHealth, Industry

March 30, 2021

Security framework from Build38 makes eHealth apps secure

The rise of eHealth apps has intensified concerns regarding security and privacy, especially for apps handling sensitive health information. To address this, the Trusted Application Kit (T.A.K) offers a secure framework through code encryption, enhancing protection against potential hacker breaches.

Secure App development in eHealth - Build38

eHealth, Industry

February 26, 2021

eHealth apps already without security risks and side effects

We are currently experiencing a boom in eHealth apps. Some apps accompany patients during certain illnesses, provide information and offer support, while other apps help with weight loss, exercise or serve as a means of communication between health insurers and customers.

3, 2, 1 – Lets start with Mobile Health Security

eHealth, Industry

February 2, 2021

3, 2, 1 – Lets start with Mobile Health Security

Do you already use health apps? In this blog post, we provide an initial insight into the topic of digital health.

Risk-free Healthcare Mobility_ Understand mobile risks, enhance security, and master it

eHealth, Industry

June 9, 2020

Risk-free Healthcare Mobility: Understand mobile risks, enhance security, and master it

Mobile apps empower them to effectively optimize communication among patients, healthcare providers and their care givers.

eHealth app security - Build38

eHealth, Industry

October 15, 2019

The Need for Secure eHealth Apps

In the healthcare sector, too, the range of apps has risen rapidly in recent years. Effectively, they have become everyday companions at work and at home.

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