March 30, 2021

Security framework from Build38 makes eHealth apps secure

Security framework eHealth - Build38


Security framework from Build38 makes eHealth apps secure

With the current boom in eHealth apps, concerns around security and privacy are growing louder. Particularly in the case of health apps that provide information about specific diseases, offer support or form the communication interface between health insurers and customers, sensitive data must be specially protected. The so-called Trusted Application Kit (T.A.K) provides a secure framework with code encryption, making it much more difficult for hackers to gain access.

In order to finally eliminate security and data protection concerns in the use of eHealth apps, a general GDPR-compliant solution is currently being sought. This is especially true for digital health apps, which are prescribed by doctors. Build38 already has a suitable solution ready: The T.A.K is permanently adapted to the latest security findings and requirements in order to be able to guarantee the necessary security at all times.

Comprehensively secure eHealth apps with T.A.K

In accordance with the Shift Left Security approach, the T.A.K is already integrated into the app during app development as a library with code obfuscation. Since decryption proves to be particularly difficult, this ensures security from the outset. The multi-layered framework offers In-App Protection as well as reaction and central In-App Monitoring.

When a T.A.K-protected eHealth app is downloaded from the app store and opened for the first time on a mobile device, the app first checks whether it is running in a secure environment. Depending on the result, the app is then either run or blocked subsequently.

Dr. Christian Schläger, Managing Director


> Digital health apps make an important contribution in the detection, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of diseases. For this reason, as for all medical devices, important safety regulations apply to them_

“With our T.A.K, app operators and developers have a tool that can be integrated into the app in under three minutes. With effective risk and threat management, abuse and manipulation by cybercriminals can be significantly minimized.”


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