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June 6, 2024

Build38’s pioneering SDK protection since 2018

SDK protection - Build38


Build38’s pioneering SDK protection since 2018

Mobile application development requires the utmost security standards. >Developers rarely create apps from scratch and they frequently depend on prebuilt code bundles called software development kits (SDKs). The lack of awareness regarding the specific SDKs used by an app and the vulnerabilities they may introduce exposes both individuals and organisations risks they might not even recognize.With cyber threats evolving at an unprecedented pace, safeguarding both the application and the underlying SDK has become crucial. This is where Build38 steps in, leading the charge with innovative mobile security solutions since 2018.


Vulnerabilities in Mobile App Development

The reliance on SDKs increases for swift app development but so do the connected security vulnerabilities. One single exploit can impact several SDKs which in turn will affect hundreds of apps built on these SDKs affecting thousands of end users. 

SDK-protection - BUILD38

We have witnessed many cases where SDKs were found to breach app store regulations or privacy statutes, often due to clandestine data collection practices. This led to the expulsion of associated apps from the store, resulting in significant revenue losses for their owners. Examples include Youmi, an advertising SDK, which, when flagged, resulted in over 250 apps being removed from the Apple app store. Additionally, this month Apple is implementing stricter rules for apps in its App Store regarding the SDKs used. Therefore it’s necessary to carefully screen any SDK to avoid security breaches and related threats.

Build38’s approach to SDK protection

The nature of mobile app development demands a multifaceted security strategy, and Build38 stands out with its pioneering approach to SDK protection. While competitors are only beginning to recognize the importance of safeguarding SDKs, Build38’s cutting edge technology has been based on this principle since its conception.

Recognizing the importance of safeguarding every facet of app functionality, Build38’s mobile application security solution is meticulously crafted to shield both the application itself and its integral SDK. By seamlessly integrating protection layers directly into the source code, Build38 empowers app developers to secure their apps efficiently. This proactive approach not only mitigates operational risks but also enhances security posture through multiple mechanisms.

Mobile Application Security Solution

Build38’s mobile application solution prioritises robust client and server-side protection. On the device side, Build38 offers three integration options tailored to meet the diverse needs of development teams: No-Code Protection, Low-Code Protection, and Master Code Protection. For those seeking a balance between ease of implementation and customization, the Low-Code Protection option offers a native SDK that facilitates quick integration on iOS and Android platforms.

The Master Code Protection allows developers to gain complete control over SDK customization, enabling exclusive programming of security detection and response into the backend application. This solution also offers additional security features beyond self protection such as cryptographic key management, data at rest and data in transit encryption, and a secure PIN pad.

Build38’s SDK protection includes a multifaceted strategy and is based on:

  • SW-Based Resource Encryption that runs on every phone
  • Advanced and Robust Code Obfuscation
  • Debugging, Emulation and Hooking Frameworks Detection
  • Privilege Escalation Detection and Bot Protection
  • Run-Time Protection and Monitoring (RASP)
  • Robust Device Binding

The efficacy of Build38’s solution lies not only in its robust on-device protection but also in its seamless integration with cloud-based active hardening and threat intelligence capabilities. By monitoring app integrity in real-time, Build38 enables app providers to bolster fraud management and enhance threat defence effortlessly. In-app protection represents just one layer of defence within Build38’s holistic security framework.

SDK Protection with Build38

In essence, Build38’s approach to SDK protection transcends conventional security standards. Active hardening and threat intelligence modules provide additional layers of security, securing both the application and the SDK against evolving threats. By combining cutting-edge technology with a proactive mindset, Build38 empowers app developers to stay one step ahead of cyber threats. As competitors play catch-up, Build38 remains loyal in its commitment to pioneering innovation and safeguarding the mobile ecosystem. Reach out to us and schedule a demo with our experts specialised in mobile app security to learn more about our SDK.


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