December 7, 2021

Adopting Security Capabilities that are automated by Artificial Intelligence



Adopting Security Capabilities that are automated by Artificial Intelligence

With the increased attention on application security, it may be time to examine how your company manages application security during both code development and runtime.

This included coding with security in mind and security testing, such as SAST (Static Application Security Testing) and DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing). When it comes to protecting their company from cyber-attacks, SOC teams confront a variety of obstacles. Among the difficulties are the following:

Expansion of corporate infrastructure

Cloud installations, distant sites and workers, and mobile devices are all becoming more common in corporate networks. As the business network’s footprint expands into these new contexts, monitoring and safeguarding it becomes more complex.

Changing threat landscape

Cyber threats are multiplying, and cyber-attacks are becoming more automated than ever before. As a result, it’s critical to act promptly in the event of an assault.

Increasing compliance requirements

New data protection legislation, such as the GDPR, requires firms to protect an ever-increasing amount of data. Companies must guarantee that this data is safeguarded against unwanted access and potential compromise when apps use it.

Inadequate resources and personnel

The cybersecurity business is suffering from a severe skills shortage, with many more available positions than qualified candidates to fill them. As a result, security teams are understaffed and are having difficulty attracting and retaining employees with crucial skills.

Let’s secure your app: “precaution is better than cure”

Without a doubt, software vulnerabilities and application flaws remain the most popular attack vector. Now is the time to concentrate more on the security of your app. These 5 app protection trends will help in the efficiency development and commercial success of the companies who decide to adopt them. Automating large aspects of the work, such as firewall admin, account administration, DLP investigations, vulnerability monitoring, and more, is one effective strategy to alleviate the security skill problem but with digitalization, security concerns are heightened, and it is critical for a businesses to make it an integrated part of their digitalization drive without compromising innovative pace.

Build38 takes care of protecting your company’s app and keep it safe. Here we created a checklist to how to safe your app Data safe:


If you are interested in exploring security options for your app, get in contact with our team to discover our security solutions for apps.


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