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February 6, 2024

Safeguarding Our Digital Future: Adam Hawthorne Joins Build38 Amidst a Booming Need for Mobile App Protection Solutions

Safeguarding Our Digital Future: Adam Hawthorne Joins Build38


Safeguarding Our Digital Future: Adam Hawthorne Joins Build38 Amidst a Booming Need for Mobile App Protection Solutions

The Mobile App Protection market is witnessing a surge, fueled by an increasing array of cyber threats that challenge the security of our digital ecosystem.

In this dynamic landscape, businesses and consumers alike are seeking assurance that their Mobile App interactions are shielded from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. This is where companies like Build38 step in, offering advanced solutions that not only respond to threats, but preemptively neutralize them.

The Market’s Pulse

Mobile Apps are the lifeblood of digital convenience. From banking to healthcare, our most sensitive data is accessed and stored through these Mobile Apps. However, this convenience invites risks. As a result, the Mobile App protection market is expanding its arsenal, embracing AI-driven security, encryption, and real-time threat intelligence to stay ahead.

Challenges and Emerging Threats

The path isn’t without obstacles. The complexity of attacks, the diversity of devices, and the need for user-friendly security create a battlefield that is constantly evolving. Emerging threats, such as sophisticated malware, MITM attacks, and phishing schemes, are becoming more prevalent, demanding a proactive and intelligent defense mechanisms.

A Strategic Move for Build38

In light of these challenges, Build38 has made a strategic addition to their leadership team. Adam Hawthorne, a seasoned veteran from, has been appointed as the new VP of Sales. His extensive experience in cybersecurity and a proven track record of driving growth and navigating complex security landscapes make him a valuable asset not only to the Build38 family, but to our customers looking to best address the growing online threats.

Adam Hawthorne’s Vision

Adam’s decision to join Build38 is a strong endorsement of the company’s innovative approach.

Adam Hawthorne


> The opportunity to contribute to a company that’s setting industry benchmarks in Mobile App Protection is exhilarating, Build38’s commitment to innovation and its customer-centric solutions resonate with my vision of empowering businesses to secure their digital future confidently_

Securing Tomorrow, Today

Build38’s mission is clear: to secure today’s mobile applications ensureing tomorrow’s digital safety. With a comprehensive suite of protective measures and a team enriched by Adam Hawthorne’s expertise, Build38 is poised to address the multifaceted threats that loom over our digital lives.

Joining Forces

As we embrace an increasingly mobile-centric world, the collaboration of experts like Adam with pioneering companies like Build38 becomes a beacon of trust for users and businesses alike. Together, they are not just responding to the market’s demand but are actively shaping a more secure digital horizon. To learn more about how Build38 is revolutionizing Mobile App Security and for insights into Adam Hawthorne’s strategic role in this journey, visit


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