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September 15, 2022

Build ½ lead: How Build38 tackles equality in the workplace

Build ½ lead: How Build38 tackles equality in the workplace


Build ½ lead: How Build38 tackles equality in the workplace

Build38 is always up to date with the latest market trends and the most innovative methods. That is why our solution is so unique and different. However we must be aware of the realities that surround us especially in our Tech environment.

We are sure that you are aware of the difficulties to ensure inclusiveness regardless of sex, gender or race in the tech and cyber security industry. Build38 does not have to be innovative only in its solution, but also in the social struggles currently active. We are seeking and fighting for talent, not for gender; we want to be Leaders. Let’s create female role models. Let’s be the difference.

Why the program name?

According to the latest demographic report of the United Nations, in the world there is a total of 50.5% men and 49.5% women. That is 3,939 million men and 3,861 million women. However, following the data from researchers at Cornell University, there are only 18% of women dedicated to computing and 20% dedicated to engineering. In other words, barely 1 out of every 5 technological positions is held by women. How is it possible that, being half of the population, women do not represent a high percentage in the IT sector? The answer is clear: There are no female references. Culturally, certain tastes and performances have been associated with women and men, but if we were left free from childhood and without blindfolds, we would simply choose what we like, what we are good at or simply what we want to improve or learn. In addition, the subject of Technology and/or Computer Science has never been given too much relevance. So… We need visibility! Generally, the references are masculine, whether in the world of art, literature or technological advances, but it is forgotten that there are important and relevant women, and it is necessary that they be given the importance they deserve. From Build 1/2 Lead (pronounced “Build to Lead”) we want to BREAK this, and change this data and culture associated with genders. We seek to create a before and after in the Tech industry by giving a voice to all those women who are currently part of this environment and who have a lot to say. We seek to encourage young women to grow in the Tech world, not to feel invisible and to show them that there is space and room for everyone. Build 1/2 lead represents the EQUITY that all professional women in the sector deserve. Build 1/2 seeks to REPRESENT that great 49.5% We believe that if we include that half of the population with equal opportunities, we can be twice as successful.

Talent doesn’t care where it comes from, what matters is that it is.

Build ½ lead was created for several reasons, as building a better and equal working environment, fighting against discrimination by gender or sex, to give more opportunities and voice to women in the Cybersecurity field, to participate in innovative methods, to give importance to females in the Tech industry, to share our knowledge with other women and to motivate other women to study and join the Tech industry Build a better and equal working environment and to prove why we are Bound, Bold & Brilliant.

The program – highlights 

Letting college girls and high school girls know that they have a future in these industries is a huge part of this initiative. To achieve this, it is important that our builder women raise their voice in the sector and against the actual system. We are actively participating with the Women4Cyber organizationa leading initiative in the field with the aim of becoming a benchmark in promoting and making visible the role of women in cybersecurity in Spain, as well as gender diversity in the sector. Thanks to our 4 Representatives or ADE (company delegate associate), future generations will be able to understand that they have a space where they can demonstrate their talent and their worth and that their gender or identity will never be an impediment to fulfilling themselves professionally and personally.

In addition, every 4 months, the women who are part of the Build 1/2 initiative organize themselves to send an informative brochure about personal and external experiences showing the difficulties that women face in their workplace daily and putting as the protagonist of the semester to a woman who is making or has made great advances in the world of science. That woman is our female reference for the 4 months. We are aware that this will not be enough to change the world, but it is clear to us that our contribution will be a very important one. Let it be clear that Build38 does NOT tolerate and will NOT tolerate any type of discrimination. We build to build on.

About Women4Cyber

Women4Cyber (W4C) is a company founded by the European Cybersecurity Organization (ECSO) whose objectives are to promote, boost and support the participation of women in the field of cybersecurity and technologies. They work with companies that are willing to increase the position of women in the field of information technology (IT), especially in the field of cybersecurity. Through different projects and initiatives, W4C Spain becomes a collaborative space where women in cybersecurity from academia, research and industry can share knowledge, experiences and a network of contacts, as well as motivate other women to consider cybersecurity as a profession in which to develop and grow.


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