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January 26, 2023

Javier Polo succeeds Manuel Holzhauer on Build38’s advisory board

Javier Polo succeeds Manuel Holzhauer


Javier Polo succeeds Manuel Holzhauer on Build38’s advisory board

We are pleased to announce that Javier Polo officially succeeds Manuel Holzhauer as a member of the Build38 advisory board.

The handover between Manuel Holzhauer and Javier Polo took place at the last meeting of the advisory board of Build38 that took place on November 22, 2022 in the city of Munich where our headquarters are located.

Manuel Holzhauer was key in the first stages of Build38 in building the bridge between our mobile app security solutions and the finance and insurance industries based on his track-record in that space that included being Managing Director of the InsurTech Hub Munich.

Thanks to Manuel we were able to penetrate these industries and take advantage of the growing demand for security solutions for mobile applications as a result of the increase in the threats of increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity attacks.

It was a pleasure for our entire team to have learned from all his experience, knowledge, and extensive network in the finance and insurance industries. Without a doubt, we remain grateful and wish him all the best in his next endeavours.

Dr. Christian Schläger


> Build38 could not have had a better setup for the initial stages of our Advisory Board and we are thankful to Manuel for his contributions, it is being a pleasure to have him become part of the extended #Builders family that we are_

We say goodbye to Manuel Holzhauer, but at the same time we onboard the new vision and strategic direction that Javier Polo will implement to take Build38 to the next level thanks to his extensive knowledge at a strategic level in the technology space, including international SaaS businesses, and the startup and VC ecosystem. He brings vast experience in B2B tech startups. Over the years he has participated as board member and as CEO of leading technology ventures, such as PlayGiga, which was acquired by Facebook in 2019.

Javier Polo


> I am delighted to join the Build38 board and to be able to support the team in successfully transitioning to this new growth stage in the cybersecurity space where new challenges and opportunities have to be addressed by the industry_


In the succession event, the advisory board members carried out a team-building activity that consisted of building together 3 traditional German gingerbread houses, a parallel with the use of Build38’s mobile app security technology to build safe and secure mobile services.


The construction of the gingerbread houses also made reference to the number 3 included in our brand name and to the 3 offices we have in the cities of Munich, Barcelona, and Singapore. This event marked the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one for our business journey.



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