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September 22, 2022

Javier Polo joins Build38 as a new Advisory Board Member

Javier Polo joins Build38 as a new Advisory Board Member


Javier Polo joins Build38 as a new Advisory Board Member

Build38 is pleased to announce the official onboarding of Javier Polo as one of the new members of its Advisory Board.

Javier Polo is an experienced SaaS scaleup CEO with several past experiences that are key for the stage of Build38. He comes with a strong background in SaaS that is going to provide the strategic perspective to steer Build38 into its next level of growth, starting with its Series A funding round and continuing with the scaling of its sales organization.

He has the track record of a CEO with a successful exit to a Silicon Valley big tech company is involved as Board Advisor in several Technological start-ups and has been covered in a number of illustrious media outlets, including The Economist. He will share his thoughts and insights with the other members of the advisory board so that the management team can make informed decisions.

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> Recent events have demonstrated how crucial app security is today and why app developers should be helped to address these issues. So, it makes us quite happy to be able to add Javier Polo to our team and make it stronger. Javier Polo brings depth to Build38 and its clients with his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm_

About Javier Polo

Javier Polo is a senior executive with more than 20 years of experience. Since 2016 Javier has been involved in the startup and VC ecosystem, and has acted as an important player in the technology space.

Over the years, Javier Polo has participated as a member of various board of directors and as CEO of leading technology companies, such as PlayGiga, which became Facebook in 2019. PlayGiga was the first and only acquisition of the Silicon Valley giant in Spain. This transaction received the ASCRII Best Deal Award in 2020.

Before 2016, Javier developed his career in leading corporations in telecommunications and strategic consulting, such as Orange and Monitor Deloitte. Also, in that same year he began his work as an associate professor at one of the best business universities in the world, IE Business School, work that he continues to this day to continue spreading his knowledge.

As a company, Build38 has made great strides in recent years, so it is a great pleasure to be able to count on brilliant new minds together with another recent advisor Oliver Gajek to take Build38 to its next level of growth.


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