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March 23, 2023

Build38 is the winner of the “Best Worldwide Small Company to Work” SFS Award

Build38 “Best Worldwide Small Company to Work” SFS Award


Build38 is the winner of the “Best Worldwide Small Company to Work” SFS Award

Build38 has been recognized as the Best Worldwide Small Company to Work in the SFS Awards. 

Build38 continues to grow and, thanks to our expertise, our team and our organisational culture, we have been able to develop as a company to offer robust App protection products worldwide. We work passionately to offer the best products to the market and to adapt our solutions to the needs and trends of each sector: fintech, banking, mobility and fintech. We are a company that is committed to quality, innovation and internationalisation, offering career advancement opportunities to all of our employees in our offices in Germany, Spain and Singapore.
At the same time, we are constantly adapting our work environment to offer a flexible, healthy and sustainable place of work, the reason why we have been awarded with this recognition.
As we keep on growing, we would like to continue offering the best flexible and sustainable organisational environment to our employees, thriving not only profitably as a company but collaboratively as a the #build38family. We would like to thank all our team, collaborators and partners for their commitment and trust to be able to receive this recognition.

About the the SFS Awards

The SFS Awards bring together two pioneering initiatives: the Flexible Company Awards, created in 2002, and the Healthy Company Awards, created in 2014. The goal of this joint initiative is to help build the best companies for the world by disseminating a management culture based on health, flexibility and sustainability.



>A healthy, flexible and sustainable company is one that, knowing that its survival mandate is profitability, promotes adaptive and resilient work environments based on collaboration, flexibility, trust and respect for the reconciliation of personal and professional life_

The SFS Award promotes the implementation of good practices in companies for the prevention and care of the physical and mental health of its employees, and rewards those that have a comprehensive and responsible vision of its environment, which it generates a positive and lasting impact, becoming active agents of change.

We are proud to have been selected as one of these companies and would like to highlight this achievement for anyone interested in working with us. For information about current job openings at Build38 visit:


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