October 25, 2023

How Artificial Intelligence is transforming mobile app security

AI transforming mobile app security


How Artificial Intelligence is transforming mobile app security

Smartphones have evolved into much more than mere communication devices, now housing a wealth of personal information connected to critical assets like credit cards and bank accounts through numerous different Apps.


Hence, it’s vital for both users and Mobile App developers to guarantee no security breaches. Ever wondered how artificial intelligence is transforming Mobile App security? It’s happening at lightning speed, transforming the way we safeguard our digital lives.


Navigating the mobile app world

The app market is one of the fastest-growing segments of the entire mobile industry. According to the TechReport, an average smartphone user has around 80 apps installed, although most of them are not frequently used or at all. In fact, the average person uses “only” around 9 apps on a daily basis.

However, how many times does an average user question the privacy and safety measure, review App permissions, or think twice before typing in their credit card details? Probably not until there’s a problem, and when that happens, it’s usually already too late.

Ever since 2020 and the global switch to digital and online modes of living, working, and shopping, the number of security breaches and cyberattacks skyrocketed, making everyone aware of just how vulnerable our data and privacy are 24/7.


AI, the trend that the mobile app security world can’t afford not to follow

Word of the year 2022, according to The FudéuRAE, artificial intelligence (AI) became widely famous just recently with the buzz created by ChatGPT. However, it’s essential to note that AI has been a part of our technological landscape for some time. Take facial recognition, for example, it stands as a prime example of AI’s role in fortifying Mobile App security.

Shielding data, software, and hardware from sneaky cyber-attacks has never been more challenging. In today’s interconnected world, we navigate multiple devices, apps, and accounts, heightening the stakes. On the other hand, hackers also use AI to sharpen their attacks and improve success rates, which is why AI must also be used by cybersecurity professionals to continuously keep stepping up the safety game.


7 ways that demonstrate how Artificial Intelligence is transforming mobile app security 

The Mobile App security systems have been continuously evolving, but only with the implementation of AI technology some significant changes for the better have been made. AI is accelerating innovative solutions across a wide range of industries, and this one is not an exception to that.


How AI can help in mobile security 

By leveraging AI, mobile app developers are ensuring that data remains secure while minimising the impact on the user experience. This is particularly important for mobile devices, where performance and user convenience are paramount. Here are the key 7 ways in which the use of AI can contribute significantly to mobile security.

  • Behaviour-based threat detection – by simply analysing user behaviour and patterns of App usage, AI could identify anomalies that indicate a security threat. Once the unusual behaviour is detected, further alerts or safety steps can be triggered.
  • Biometric authentication – facial recognition but also fingerprint scanning, are two very powerful walls of security that are enabled by AI. These identification methods are quite simple and provide a high level of security.
  • Predictive analysis – by conducting an in-depth analysis of previous trends and data, AI might be able to predict future threats, allowing app developers to be one step ahead of hackers.
  • Fraud detection – this is a critical aspect of mobile app security. By flagging suspicious transactions and analysing patterns, AI could detect potentially fraudulent activities and prevent them.
  • Password management – although the importance of a strong password is well known, 123456 is still one of the most commonly used passwords in 2023. Therefore, the need for generating strong passwords, storing them safely, and using them easily is high, and AI can assist with that.
  • Encryption – by optimising this powerful process of converting data or information into a coded or unreadable format to protect it from unauthorised access, AI could make the data more secure without sacrificing performance.
  • App permissions – every app requires at least a few other app permissions, and users rarely check whether some of those permissions are truly necessary. AI can control app permissions, ensuring that apps only have access to the data and functions they really need.


What are the key benefits of using AI in mobile app security?

Although there are not many skeptics remaining, it is always good to have an overview of the pros and cons or a highlight of the benefits that come with the implementation of some new protocols. When it comes to AI, the list could go on and on, but here are just a few of the most important ones:

  • Cutting costs and time – data scraping, fast processing, analysing large volumes of data, and extracting patterns are only some of the tasks that are very time-consuming for humans. For AI, it is a piece of cake and helps make better-tailored and cost-effective strategies.
  • It’s continuously learning – just like humans, but in a thousand times faster process. Thanks to machine learning, deep learning, data accumulation, feedback loops, and a pinch of human guidance, AI keeps improving over time.
  • User trust – the enhanced levels of security provided by the latest AI technologies can significantly improve user trust, which further leads to better engagement rates and much-wanted positive app reviews.


What’s the future of AI in mobile app security?

It’s hard to tell what the future holds. However, considering the innovations we’ve witnessed in the past few years, the bar is set high, as well as the expectations. But can AI help create the ultimate bulletproof security system? It’s important to keep in mind that hackers are using the same technology and will try to respond and break through every level of protection, no matter how technologically advanced or innovative it is. One thing is sure, though: AI is here to stay.

At Build38 we are constantly working to improve our Mobile App Security protocols keeping in mind the latest trends. To learn about our Mobile App security solution for Artificial Intelligence, contact us today!


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