Build38 delivers a Talk on Mobile App Obfuscation and Unveils an Accessible Security Solution at Droidcon Berlin

Build38 Delivers a Talk on Mobile App Obfuscation and Unveils an Accessible Security Solution at Droidcon Berlin 


Build38 had a highly productive and engaging experience at Droidcon Berlin, a prestigious conference and gathering dedicated to the Android ecosystem. Held from July 5-7, 2023, in the lively city of Berlin, this event served as an exceptional forum for developers, experts, and enthusiasts worldwide. It offered valuable opportunities for insightful discussions, networking, and the exploration of innovative trends, technologies, and advancements within the Android platform.

During Droidcon Berlin, Build38 made significant contributions and showcased its commitment to enhancing Mobile App security.

Build38’s launches an open source Obfuscation solution


One of the highlights of the event was the launch of our open-source Obfuscation solution, which can be accessed at This comprehensive obfuscation service covers various programming languages used in Mobile Apps, including Java/Kotlin, Objective-C/Swift, JS/React Native, Flutter, and C/C++.

By providing developers with a reliable and versatile Obfuscation solution, Build38 aims to empower them in protecting their applications from reverse engineering and other security threats.

In addition to the launch of the Obfuscation solution, Build38’s CTO & Co-Founder, Marc Obrador, delivered a captivating 20-minute talk titled “Obfuscation in Mobile Apps.” The talk provided insights about how obfuscation helps protect applications written in different programming languages, on how the choice of the programming language might impact the effectiveness of obfuscation.

For those who missed the talk, the recording will soon be available on Build38’s website.

Building a Team of Experts


Apart from showcasing their innovative solutions, Build38 actively participated in talent acquisition during the event. Recognizing the significance of skilled professionals in driving the company’s growth, Build38 encouraged aspiring individuals to join their team of experts. With a commitment to delivering top-notch Mobile App security solutions, Build38 emphasised that they offer an excellent environment for professional development and exciting challenges.

Those interested in pursuing a rewarding career with Build38 can explore available opportunities at

Build38’s Impact in Mobile App Security and Collaborative Growth at Droidcon Berlin


Overall, Build38’s participation in Droidcon Berlin proved to be highly valuable, connecting with like-minded professionals, share its expertise, and establishing as a leading provider of Mobile App Security solutions. By launching the obfuscation solution and delivering an informative talk, Build38 solidified their commitment to enhancing the security of Mobile Applications.

Additionally, the active talent acquisition efforts held by Build38 showcased its dedication to create a skilled and motivated team to drive innovation in the industry. As Build38 continues to make strides in the field of Mobile App security, remaining dedicated to participating in events like Droidcon Berlin, to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and industry growth. With innovative solutions and commitment to talent acquisition, Build38 is poised to make a significant impact on the Android ecosystem and contribute to the advancement of Mobile App security.

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