Case Study: Mobile Banking App Security

Banking App Software Leader Boosts Security with Best-in-Class Mobile App Security Platform

Enhancing Mobile App Security in 70 Retail Banks with Build38

In line with its global digital transformation strategy, the company recently transitioned to a “mobile-first” and “mobile-only” banking model. With this business transformation came additional mobile app security requirements.  

Through it’s collaboration with Build38, the company benefited from a smooth business transformation transition, enabling the provision of a state-of-the-art, mobile-first, and mobile-only banking app. This transformation empowers their retail banking customers to effectively compete with the world’s leading mobile banking specialists. The implementation has been seamless, and the company is well on its path to delivering the future of mobile banking. 

Key Challenge

Business Benefits


The implementation of a 'Mobile-First' and 'Mobile-Only' banking strategy. The security team partnered with a top-notch Mobile App security vendor, meeting stringent security measures, and providing extra security measures through RASP.

"What's fantastic about Build38 is that it handles much of the thinking about the types of attacks we need to defend against. This is where their value truly shines. It frees up our mental capacity, allowing us to focus more on our core business, rather than constantly worrying about security."

Head of Mobile Banking Solutionsr

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Benefits of our service


Fast & easy integration

Build38 can easily turn apps into a self-protecting mode by using our SDK. Once secured, the app is immediately ready for distribution via public app stores.


Always up-to-date

Once the solution is integrated, apps will continuously receive the latest security updates and are constantly monitored.


Proven & Reliable

The security of the Build38 solution and level of customer service is proven by third-party independent labs and global customers. Proudly developed in Germany.

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