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The e-Identity is an online identity of yourself. An e-identity is convenient for logging on to services such as online banking, insurance or travel platforms. In addition, it authenticates yourself to sign new contracts. This is a convenient and secure process for you and your contractor. The challenge arises from the authority of e-identities and the penetration rate in Germany, which makes them attractive targets for bad actors or hackers to take over accounts.

Business Benefits

  • Increased resilience to cyber risk
  • Managed risk associated with mobile applications on untrusted devices
  • Increase of customer engagement by 15% through trust increase
  • Reduced risk of lost revenue, compliance, security and brand risk
  • Meeting time-to-market for launch date (readiness of solution) and decreased
    total cost of ownership of 25%


Architected security into the mobile app by design

  • Integrated enhanced app personalization with hard device binding
  • Implemented environment and device integrity checks at runtime (RASP)
  • Implemented software based secure storage for passwords and IDs
  • Added trust level management for every single mobile device
  • Integrated secure connections to infrastructure

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