Case Study: Mobile Banking

How to protect your mobile banking app against any harmful tampering activities?


In this case study, we are solving the security challenges of mobile banking applications. Thanks to the integration of our security solution, your company can overcome this barrier and develop next generation mobile banking apps that are protected against any harmful tampering activities.


The payment and mobile banking area, specifically, has seen critical and reasonable future innovations and developments. Therefore, the demand for mobile banking apps has gained popularity while also being exposed to higher risk of cybercrime as a result of dealing with sensible data and credit card information. The mobile banking industry faces challenges to meet expectations of high security and to fulfill certifications and technical requirements imposed by regulatory parties.

Business Benefits


Thanks to our architected security into the mobile app by design, our Mobile Banking solution is helping to solve the mobile banking security challenges through:

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Benefits of our service


Fast & easy integration

Build38 can easily turn apps into a self-protecting mode by using our SDK. Once secured, the app is immediately ready for distribution via public app stores.


Always up-to-date

Once the solution is integrated, apps will continuously receive the latest security updates and are constantly monitored.


Proven & Reliable

The security of the Build38 solution and level of customer service is proven by third-party independent labs and global customers. Proudly developed in Germany.

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