Case Study: Mobile Payment and Loyalty Solution

How to successfully launch a retailer-controlled mobile payment and loyalty solution securely


In this case study, you'll lear how we helped one of our clients to successfully launch a retailer-controlled Mobile Payment and Loyalty Solution securely. Download our case study by filling the form below and discover the benefits for your business.


Operating tens of thousands of Convenience Stores and the most extensive network of Petrol Stations in the country, our client had to decide whether to give control of its customers to the mobile Over-The-Top players or retain it when launching a Mobile Payment and Loyalty service. Building on our capabilities, they managed to successfully meet their customer expectations while keeping the direct relationship to their most critical asset: customers. What is the best way to have a secure solution to offer the most innovative use-cases and at the same time cover the entire customer base?

Business Benefits


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Benefits of our service


Fast & easy integration

Build38 can easily turn apps into a self-protecting mode by using our SDK. Once secured, the app is immediately ready for distribution via public app stores.


Always up-to-date

Once the solution is integrated, apps will continuously receive the latest security updates and are constantly monitored.


Proven & Reliable

The security of the Build38 solution and level of customer service is proven by third-party independent labs and global customers. Proudly developed in Germany.

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