Case Study: Mobile Banking App Protection

How to ensure complete protection against fraudsters and meet mandatory security regulations?


Mobile banking is a great way to manage your finances on-the-go, but cyber threats are rising. The finance sector is one of the most targeted industry globally. With Build38, our client can rely on a trusted partner to protect against external attacks and achieve high security standards that are needed to meet mandatory privacy regulations.

Business Benefits


Build38 offers a complete protection package that is easy to integrate and continuously updated, you will benefit from:

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Benefits of our service


Fast & easy integration

Build38 can easily turn apps into a self-protecting mode by using our SDK. Once secured, the app is immediately ready for distribution via public app stores.


Always up-to-date

Once the solution is integrated, apps will continuously receive the latest security updates and are constantly monitored.


Proven & Reliable

The security of the Build38 solution and level of customer service is proven by third-party independent labs and global customers. Proudly developed in Germany.


Build38 was founded to make the mobile world a better place, securing the Apps of providers and users. Helping businesses easily protect their Apps in different sectors.


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