Preventing Fraud for a SuperApp provider without affecting User Experience or Accessibility


Ride Hailing companies are under big pressure to show profits. Our client is a Tech company that provides Mobile Ride hailing services as well as other SuperApp type services, like Food Delivery. Unfortunately, Fraud is rampant in this space with drivers using rogue Apps to offer their services and users unfairly taking advantage of the special offers to sign-up. With Build38 they have a solution to protect their bottom line while keeping the UX untouched.

Business Benefits

  • A Secure SuperApp that runs on every Smartphone
  • Seven-figure reduction in Fraud per year
  • Reduced Time-to-market and continuous security updates


  • Delivered enhanced app personalization with device binding
  • Implemented app integrity checks and protection at runtime (RASP)
  • Implemented secure storage for passwords, device ID and Digital Keys
  • Installation of secure connection with TLS
  • Additional protection through trust level management for each device