Together stronger – Build38 helps fellow Insuretechs with Best in Class analytics and App security

Trust and Analytics are essential for Insuretechs – afterall this is what you sell. Trust is hard to generate – especially for young Insuretechs but for everyone in the industry easy to lose. Munich Insuretech Hub start-up Build38 focuses on trust in mobile Apps – the number one sales channels for the digital natives and is highly praised for its advanced technology, analytical skills and easy integration by Gartner and customers.


Build38’s head architect Marc Obrador on Wednesday started prepping fellow Insuretechs for the mobile market, dangers from hackers and attackers and gave a well-received lesson on countermeasures and design principals. Several case studies made the participants review their current strategy: misuse of your process interfaces by malicious attackers or the competition can render your service useless or cause financial damages. Like in the case of one platform app that didn’t secure its interfaces and let an attacker flood its platform with illegal orders to subscribed insurance companies. After trust was lost, so was the business case for this young company. Or when the competition took apart the source code of an app and stole company secrets on underwriting and calculations – another major blow to a young fintech that could have been prevented.

Build 38’s service is the Trusted Application Kit T.A.K ( ) that integrates in the app by design and secures code, IP, user data and compliant PSD 2 authentication. The server component gives you great analytics on an app level that let’s you market and control your services better and basically enhances your app to become “self-defending” against attackers and the competition. Marketeers love the insights they gain and because the SDK approach makes development faster, they can try out much more flavours and variances in less time.

As a special treat and to great applause from the teams, Build38 offered the solution free of charge to all fellow Insuretech Startups for the first year: “there is absolutely no reason why you publish an unsecure app”, says Build38 CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Christian Schlaeger. “T.A.K is fast and easy to integrate and lets you focus on the important stuff for your startup: business models and innovation. For us it is a moral obligation and part of the Munich team spirit to make T.A.K usable to every young company in the Munich Insuretech Hub – together we are stronger!”

Insights from our CEO at EuroCIS Düsseldorf

First pictures from our CEO Dr. Christian Schläger and Head of Finance Tillmann Gmelin at EuroCIS in Düsseldorf, starting this morning. We took all the experiences from Tel Aviv with us to welcome Build38 guests with analytics and insights on app hardening  - and a fair amount of chocolate. Christian will be there for today, if you want to chat with our CEO, take the chance.

Build38 is exhibiting at RSA Conference 2019 in San Francisco “where the world talks security”. The team will be present at Moscone Center booth #101 in Early Stage Expo. For appointments, feel free to get in touch beforehand. Better.

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RSA 2019 San Francisco 2019/03/04 - 2019/03/08

Build38 will be joining the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona. If you like to meet Build38 in person at our homebase Barcelona feel free to contact us beforehand, visit us – or schedule a meeting at the Build38 Barcelona office.

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MWC Barcelona 2019/02/25 - 2019/02/28

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Meet the Build38 Team at EuroCIS in Düsseldorf and find out how the core principle of Germany’s elite tech exhibition “technology never sleeps” fits Build38 perfectly. To schedule personal meetings with our experts, feel free to contact us beforehand and find some quiet time in this vibrant and inspiring environment.

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EuroCIS Düsseldorf 2019/02/19 - 2019/02/21

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Build38 at CyberTech Israel - Let's solve real problems

“I know this field almost down to the bit level. I know a lot about your competitors. You are solving a real problem. I was very impressed with what I have learned.”

Build38 Visitor at CyberTech Israel

CyberTech Israel is a deep dive for a fresh new company like Build38. To present a new approach to app security is always a challenge, even more if surrounded by industry professionals, that do know the field as good as we do already. We had great reactions to our first time of introducing Build38 to a global audience. If you get this kind of feedback of exhibition visitors as a startup… you just take it. And yes, the problem is real and our solution is real, too. If we were able to impress customers and surprise competitors and still learn from each other, the outlook could not be better. Thank you for these intense 2 networking days in Israel, everybody, we will keep in touch!