Build38 at CyberTech Israel – Let’s solve real problems


“I know this field almost down to the bit level. I know a lot about your competitors. You are solving a real problem. I was very impressed with what I have learned.”

Build38 Visitor at CyberTech Israel

CyberTech Israel is a deep dive for a fresh new company like Build38. To present a new approach to app security is always a challenge, even more if surrounded by industry professionals, that do know the field as good as we do already. We had great reactions to our first time of introducing Build38 to a global audience. If you get this kind of feedback of exhibition visitors as a startup… you just take it. And yes, the problem is real and our solution is real, too. If we were able to impress customers and surprise competitors and still learn from each other, the outlook could not be better. Thank you for these intense 2 networking days in Israel, everybody, we will keep in touch!