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Apps on prescription – but who cares about the risks and side effects?

Digitization has picked up speed in all areas of healthcare. The majority of healthcare processes are networked, automated and optimized. This should contribute significantly to better and seamless care. Increasingly, medical iOS and Android Apps are the interfaces for data exchange and networking with patients.

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Patients worldwide are already using healthcare Apps to monitor their health and manage their health affairs. But the digitization of medical records, as well as access to online services such as making appointments, prescribing medication, referrals and even doctor’s consultations via video are already on the agenda.

While Apps have become an everyday companion at work and at home, the range of Apps available in healthcare has also grown rapidly. These useful medical helper Apps measure our fitness, provide health tips, analyze physiological and vital data, and assist with medication dosage compliance. 

In addition, there are now Apps on prescription (DiGA Apps) that have made it into the official catalogs of health insurance companies.

As operators and developers of such health Apps, you have a substantial responsibility. After all, these Applications often work with the most sensitive patient data. And this at a time when it has been proven that the entire healthcare sector is increasingly in the focus of hackers and attackers.

What about the security of your eHealth App?

Are you planning a new App or already in the middle of the development process? You will certainly have the benefits and added value of this App in mind, including all the features and functions. Finally, the App user should expect an optimal user experience and the App should reach and retain a large community.

How important are App security and data protection in your concept?

Don’t worry – we have good news for you: With us, your security concept for every App you have developed, are developing, and will operate is implemented quickly and easily!

Why? In just 3 minutes our security framework can be integrated for maximum security for that moment and also for all possible threats in the future.

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3, 2, 1 – Let`s start with Mobile Health Security

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Do you already use eHealth Apps? Maybe you’ve already tracked your fitness on your smartphone or documented your nutrition. In the meantime, there are even certain tested medical Apps that are prescribed by doctors and covered by health insurance companies. In the case of diseases such as diabetes, tinnitus or obesity, they provide information, offer preventive measures and support with training and nutrition. Some apps also measure, store and evaluate medical data. This makes them a great help for many people: they motivate them to make personal changes, to keep an eye on their health, or even to improve it. But with all these positive effects, what about App security, and inherently also protecting the patient date? In this blog post, we provide an initial insight into the topic of digital health, what types of apps there are and what their security status is.


Digitization in healthcare and the dangers of unsafe Apps


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