Mobile applications are an indispensable part of today’s life. In the past ten years, apps have enabled smartphones to replace photo cameras, navigation devices, banking applications and so on. Mobile passes and e-identities are carried now on customers mobile phones. That’s why apps have to be absolutely safe. Unfortunately, mobile security is often still lacking: apps are running in an unsafe and uncontrollable environment, which turns them into attractive targets for hackers. How do you protect your app from these attacks?

Business benefits of protected mobile apps

  • Create new customer relationships with secure mobile applications
  • Manage risk associated with mobile applications running on untrusted mobile devices
  • Reduced risk of lost revenue, compliance, security and brand risk
  • Meet time-to-market for launch date (readiness of solution)
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership for building and maintaining your apps by up to 30%

Modern mobile app security and app management

  • Integrate enhanced app personalization with hard device binding
  • Implement environment and device integrity checks at runtime (RASP)
  • Implemented software-based secure storage for passwords and IDs
  • Added trust level management for every single mobile device
  • Build on AI-based threat intelligence with auto-reaction to fraud from our platform

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