Cars, and the Automotive industry in general, are going through a big transformation. There are
multiple revolutions happening at the same time: Powertrains are being electrified, automobiles are
becoming connected, part of the Internet of Things, and the predictable electromechanical
components are been replaced by computers of different providers running diverse software, including
embedded ECUs and Android and other OSs, on what are known as ‘computers on wheels’. All this has
an impact on the core competencies of OEM Car Makers and their supply chain, including challenges
from the cyber security perspective. Moreover, customers want perfect integration with their lifestyle.
This means that all the Apps the user has become accustomed to interact with in their daily life have to
be supported, from navigation to music streaming in the car environment. The next frontier was using
the mobile phone as the key to open and start the engine, even remotely. This, combined with the
possibility to support car-sharing and fleet use-cases, made a car-maker wonder: What is the best way
to have a secure solution to support all that and at the same time cover the entire customer base?

Business Benefits

  • 30% increase in customer engagement
  • A Digital Car Key solution that runs on every Smartphone
  • 15% decrease in total cost of ownership


  • Delivered enhanced app personalization with device binding
  • Implemented app integrity checks and protection at runtime (RASP)
  • Implemented secure storage for passwords, device ID and Digital Keys
  • Installation of secure connection with TLS
  • Additional protection through trust level management for each device

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