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Multi-layered security frameworks for Digital Car Keys, an innovation for the automotive sector

Make mobile phones the gateway to many Applications. With Build38 the Mobile Car Key is secure and does not compromise the customer's experience and privacy.

Build38 continuously provides App protection and monitoring, ensuring the customer and their car are protected at all times

Build38 offers security features needed to make mobile car keys as secure as possible. This ensures that the secret keys in the Mobile App are not accessible to any unauthorized individual using cryptographic technology.

3 simple steps

In three simple steps add encryption, clear sign off and data analytics to your existing systems. With fast integration for all major networks and best ROI, make your systems secure, compliant, and protected. With Build38 you have:


Easy Integration

The in-App protection solution easiest to integrate: From weeks to days, or even hours!


Certified Security

An already proven solution that has gone through several security analysis and certifications.


Experienced Team

A strong support team that will work with your company to launch and operate your services.

Globally trusted by industry leaders

Advantages of our framework for the Automotive Industry:

Increase the security operating system versions with T.A.K and thus, achieves higher market coverage and a larger customer base.

Launch your App more quickly with all the essential security aspects required for In-App Protection that are integrated with the kit.

Strengthen the trust in your brand and technology, and at the same time avoid damage in reputation.

Satisfy the desire of many car owners for high security when using such promising technologies.

Lower your costs while developing technology in an all-around secure way.

Ensure that car owners can use their digital car key without hesitation and can benefit from everyday convenience without having to worry about security risks.

We offer a solution that can help you respond directly to threats during execution.

The integrated Trusted Application Kit (T.A.K) can detect whether the mobile car key is being executed on an original device or a rooted device. Our system can disable the digital car key via the T.A.K cloud.

Trust our extensive experience in securing Mobile Apps in multiple industries and Applications, from Mobile Car Key to Digital Identity, Build38 offers a permanent solution.

Read our App protection case study about Mobile Car Key Security

Learn how Build38's developed the technology for Chongqing Changan Automobile Company, ntegrating Phone, Car and Smart Home into one experience for their drivers. Thanks to Build38 Chang'An was able to make sure that their Mobile Car Key was secure and did not compromise the customer's experience and privacy.

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