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Our Trusted Application Kit provides in-app protection, fraud prevention and analysis.

Protect your customers against App-Re-Engineering and Social Engineering Scams.

Build38 is the essential security partner for Ticketing Apps!


The Build38 Solution allows real-time risk and fraud prevention

Build38 is your trusted partner to provide a Trusted Application Shield T.A.K to ensure the fraud prevention for app-based public transport tickets.

Our solution relies on anti-cloning, binding app, identity and ticket and easy to use control codes other other security features.

How Build38 protects your ticketing app through the TAK lifecycle

Integrate the T.A.K client library into the mobile app to enable proactive protection.

The app is downloaded by the consumer / end-user.

When the app is started for the first time, active app hardening takes place.

Security telemetry from the T.A.K secured app is sent to the T.A.K cloud.

T.A.K Insights and T.A.K Analytics provide you with the knowledge on the status of your app base.

Globally trusted by industry leaders

Build38 offers the essential security for ticketing and mobility Apps!

Build38’s Trusted Application Kit provides continuously updated App protection and monitoring, making sure the tickets are always protected and ensuring high app usability for the user.​

Read our app protection case study about Mobile Banking

Learn how Build38's team helped Netcetera, a company that focuses on payment transactions for a wide range of industries, to secure their apps with an application kit that provides continuously updated app protection and monitoring, making sure the user’s personal data is protected at all times and ensuring seamless usability for the app user.


Fast & easy integration

Build38 can easily turn apps into a self-protecting mode by using our SDK. Once secured, the app is immediately ready for distribution via public app stores.


Always up-to-date

Once the solution is integrated, apps will continuously receive the latest security updates and are constantly monitored.


Proven & Reliable

The security of the Build38 solution and level of customer service is proven by third-party independent labs and global customers. Proudly developed in Germany.

Request your demo and speak with our experts with a personalized session and see how you can protect your customers' information from mobile threats.


Build38 was founded to make the mobile world a better place, securing the apps of providers and users. Helping businesses easily to protect their apps in different sectors.


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