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Transform any phone into a POS, it only takes an app

SoftPOS -ready Security Framework. Meet certification requirements with lowest time-to-market and cost with our security SDK that had been proven to comply with PCI Standards as well as major Card Schemes.


Benefits from our SoftPOS solution that will secure your app and make the user experience the best it can be:

60% reduction in development and certification time and resources .

Ensures the integrity and protects the data​

Reduces maintenance costs by at least 50%​.

Continuous security updates and improvements.

Easy to integrate with AI technology.

PCI CPoc, Visa tap-to-phone and Mastercard tap-on-phone ready.


Do it better, not alone!

Trust the solution that has already proved it can support Certified use-cases.​

With Build38, you have a trusted partner that provides a solution ready for development and certification. Do not end in an iterative process to certify your solution and that can delay for months the launch.

With Build38 you have:

Globally trusted by industry leaders

Trust the solution that has already proven to be the easiest solution to integrate according to our clients.

3 simple steps

In three simple steps add encryption, clear sign off and data analytics to your existing systems. With fast integration for all major networks and best ROI, make your systems secure, compliant, and protected. With Build38 you have:​


Easy Integration​

The In-App mobile protection solution is fast & easy to integrate. From weeks to days, or even hours!


Certified Security​

An already proven solution that has gone through multiple security analyses and certifications.


Experienced Team​

A strong support team that will work with your company to launch and operate your service.​

Download our Case Study about SoftPOS and the Security Challenges.

In this case study we explore the journey can be very different in each case, whether you are a Payment Service Provider, EFTPOS Manufacturer or a Digital Payment Provider. Download our case study and additional materials to make your journey easier.

Request your demo and speak with our experts with a personalized session and see all you can achieve with our SoftPOS solution.



Build38 was founded to make the mobile world a better place, securing the apps of providers and users. Helping businesses easily to protect their apps in different sectors.


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