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Super Apps scalable security protection

Safeguard your Apps with modern technologies including mobile shielding and runtime protection.

A combination of In-App protection and AI powered Monitoring and Analytics.

Build38 can protect all SuperApps from mobile threats on any phone

A solution that can run on every phone, high-end or entry level, and keep the security of the system uncompromised. The Application, its keys and data are protected even if the device is outdated and presents vulnerabilities, or malware is installed.

Globally trusted by industry leaders

3 simple steps

In three simple steps add encryption, clear sign off and data analytics to your existing systems. With fast integration for all major networks and best ROI, make your systems secure, compliant, and protected. With Build38 you have:


Easy Integration

Build38 can easily turn your SuperApp into a self-protecting mode by using our SDK.


Certified Security

Once the solution is integrated, the SuperApps will continuously receive the latest security updates.


Experienced Team

A strong support team that will work close to you to launch and operate your service.

Protect your Super App with our specialized solution

Prevent different fraud use cases: App Tampering, API misuse, Device Identification and Account Takeover Protection with Build38's solution for SuperApps.
With enhanced the Fraud Protection and Threat management our solution gives clients key insights on the App installed base.

Trust the solution that has already proven to secure Super Apps worldwide

Read Build38's SuperApp Protection Case Study

Learn how Build38's team helped its client with a Mobile Ride hailing service as well as other SuperApp type services, like Food Delivery. With Build38 they found a solution to protect their bottom line while keeping the UX untouched.

Download our SuperApp protection guide today

Let us guide you through the checklist on how you can shield your SuperApp from potential fraudsters. Discover the top security threats of SuperApps and learn how you can start protecting your SuperApp and create more value for your business.

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