Prevent Mobile Fraud through Build38 Mobile App Protection and Monitoring

Build38 prevents the manipulation of our customers Apps and ensures their integrity and their data. This enables you to proactively protect your customers and your enterprise from hackers. Leading B2C enterprises choose Build38 because it provides comprehensive visibility and advanced security features to protect consumer Apps from Mobile Threats and risks while keeping integration and development streamlined.

With Build38 you can expect to benefit from increasing your bottom-line through Fraud reduction, maximizing your revenue with a shorter time-to-market and reducing maintenance costs through continuous security updates and improvements.

For Android and iOS

The App Security Framework that runs on every smartphone

For you, it is collection of security functions every App needs to prevent fraud. For developers, it is a Software Development Kit (SDK). For product managers, it is compliance with the shortest time-to-market. For users, it is trust in you mobile business.

The Software Development Kit is designed to integrate into your Android and iOS Mobile Apps during the development phase (security by design). The security capabilities are then built into the native code of an application.

In-App Protection

Multilayered Protection that protects even in Infected and Outdated Devices

Build38 combines different levels of Mobile protection in its framework. Each layer represents a different security control. The level of protection is more powerful than traditional Android or iOS security mechanisms. Our protections are based on:

  • SW-Based Resource Encryption that runs on every phone
  • Advanced and Robust Code Obfuscation
  • Debugging, Emulation and Hooking Frameworks Detection
  • Privilege Escalation Detection and Bot Protection
  • Run-Time Protection and Monitoring (RASP)
  • Robust Device Binding

Your new security perimeter will reach into the pocket of the user, for your business protection.

In-App Monitoring

What is secure today may not be secure tomorrow.

Once the app is released by the service provider and users have downloaded or updated the App from Google Play or the App Store, the App communicates with the Monitoring Service when in use.

The Enhanced Security Functions provide robust device binding and secure communication based on a client-and-server principle. The App is continuously monitored and the security telemetry analysed by an advanced AI engine on the cloud. Based on that you get insights, either through a dashboard or integrated in your SIEM, about the current and future threats in your App base.

The secure communication channel between client and server offers a preventive security approach. In other words, network sniffing, Service API attacks and reverse engineering is far more difficult.

Watch our CEO tell you how it works

You can really integrate it in 38 seconds!

Mobile Apps are everywhere and they are used millions of times every day by consumers and users for business critical processes: Mobile Banking, Digital Identity, Buying delivery food or hailing for a ride home.

In this video you can see how we can help you protect your business from Fraud so you can focus in adding the real value to your customers. The excerpt is less than 3 minutes long and includes a live demo!


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