All it takes is an appand a team to build on

Mobile Security Software – anything but soft

Mobile Security Software is anything but soft. It is the most powerful tool of business development and it will shift the mobile market drastically.
Privacy Laws and the protection of personal data are just the gateway to the power of mobile security for economical growth and innovation.

EU State of Mind

The impact of the rather slow european market is due to its enormous knowledge base and human capital. The quality of mobile security is defined by intelligence. Did you know, that the world's hotspot in fresh new digital development is Barcelona? We found out and instantly knew we needed to be there.

GDPR Readyness

The European market feels like home for Build38. Balancing out a history of innovative engineering and the worlds most severe privacy regulations this is a natural environment for mobile security. GDPR compliance itself is a reason to level up mobile security in every business sector.

Apac Mobile Mindsets

Technology in Asia, India and China is adapting faster than anywhere else. The progress in new business models including mobile operating systems is already part of this frontrunner position. The gateway to the asian market is Singapore and its melting pot of brainpower, innovation spirit, global players, busy tryout athmosphere and british legal system.

B2B2C Markets

Build38 mobile security software is designed for developers, sold to product managers and business strategists and adresses the mobile market. In the end it's the decision of the end user which company or application to trust. Mobile security is important for all of us.

Corporate Startup Flair

Build38 is an expert startup defined by timeless management careers and futuristic digital vibes. Everyone of this dynamic multinational team is profoundly experienced and handpicked for a deep understanding of economic potential.

G+D Spin-Off Potential

Build38 is linked to the G+D Group. What was once a sideproduct of G+Ds established mobile security portfolio became The Trusted Application Kit Software. After 3 years of optimizing the framework was ready to leave the niche and enter the app developers market.

Rich Apps

Our Customers’ Business Sectors

Build38 protects the mobile market of various industries. There is no limit to the type of companies that discover the power of rich apps. To protect confidential data of mobile users, mobile security is already part of the design phase of an app or mobile operating system. The Trusted Application Kit© already protects applications produced by financial institutions, enterprise services, insurance companies, and the automotive industry, ticketing services and healthcare providers – amongst many others. This is just the beginning.

Finance & Payment
Industry & Retail
Health & Medical Care


Our clients will get hacked. They are in a cyber arms race against attacks. Our security system is invisible to the application user. It does not show how powerful it is. Applications and mobile devices are handling more and more sensitive data. Cybercriminals are likely to continue to focus on mobile devices and use breaches and softspots to target the most valuable data of all: Personal user data. We cannot prevent the attack itself, but we can make the bright minds behind it give up. It would take weeks, it would be as hard and unrewarding as possible. Down to the basic layer, the news is good. Mobile security will change us and it will save us. We believe, with a new system of mobile security, we are going to get what we want from the digital world: trust and protection. We are hopelessly romantic. We want to use the internet and we want to be safe.

If an app was a place, it could be as safe as a bank, as multicultural as an airport and as discrete as a diary.

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