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Build38 goes beyond traditional RASP security, combining the best of in-app, cloud and AI technology to offer businesses unparalleled mobile app protection.

Three layers of [protection]. 
One streamlined solution

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3 flexible ways to integrate your mobile app, tailored to your resources and customization needs

Master Code

Customize your solution and access advanced features, for bespoke mobile app security.

Low Code

Make minor adjustments and deploy within hours. Transition seamlessly to master code protection.

No Code

Protect your app in a matter of minutes with our post-coding framework.


Cloud-based and AI-driven, our automated first line of protection reinforces prevention, detection, and response against mobile app security threats.


Use real-time security telemetry data to counteract threats.

Threat Intelligence Portal

Monitor your mobile app security and respond to threats swiftly with our user-friendly web console.

Attestation & Response

Set up automated remote security responses and attestations, no technical expertise required. Comply with emerging standards such as PCI-MPoC and eIDAS2.

Threat Intelligence & Response APIs

Incorporate mobile detection and response actions into your server-side applications and utilize advanced cryptographic key management-as-a-service, thanks to our REST APIs.

Why businesses choose Build38

Businesses worldwide trust Build38 with their mobile app security. Don’t just take our word for it—listen to what our customers have to say.

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