Bolster local security with active hardening

Our cloud-based, AI-driven active hardening module serves as the first line of defense against mobile app security threats, enhancing prevention, detection, and response. Through cryptographic-key-based individualization and strong device binding, it fortifies the local defenses of all mobile app instances. Simultaneously, its AI processes security telemetry data for actionable threat insights.

AI-Powered adaptive security profiles

Every time an app is launched, our mobile app self-protection software and active app hardening server establish a secure connection, streaming and consolidating security telemetry data into our real-time data store continuously. Machine learning algorithms leverage this real-time security data store to monitor and generate insights about potential threats. 

This process helps identify patterns and threats that would otherwise go undetected when solely analyzing on-device data, and reduces the incidence of false positives. As a result, unnecessary app shutdowns are prevented, preserving your customer experience.

Cryptographic instance individualization

The active hardening module individualizes all app instances with cryptographic keys. This ensures that a threat impacting one user remains isolated and does not compromise other users, keeping security breaches contained.

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>Most solutions fall into two categories: highly complex and expensive, or inexpensive but lacking completeness and maturity. Build38 stands out because it strikes a balance - it's comprehensive, integrated, and reasonably priced_

PKI certificate management

The active hardening module also issues unique X.509 certificates to individual app instances. This establishes a highly secure PKI-certified environment, ensuring authentication, encryption, and data integrity. This forms the foundation for the two-way communication we facilitate between your backend systems and individual app instances, enabled by our threat intelligence APIs.

Hardened security measures

Strong device binding, made possible by individualizing each app instance, significantly enhances defenses against app data lifting. It also guarantees that access to back-end APIs is restricted to legitimate, hardened instances.
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Chief Security Officer


>What's fantastic about Build38 is that it handles much of the thinking about the types of attacks we need to defend against. This is where their value truly shines. It frees up our mental capacity, allowing us to focus more on our core business, rather than constantly worrying about security_

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