Integrate mobile security into 
your back-end

Our REST APIs empower your backend developers to easily incorporate detailed mobile detection and response actions into your server-side applications, while advanced cryptographic key management allows them to incorporate robust encryption into their applications.

Fine-grained programmable detection

Transmit detected security events such as debugging, rooting/jailbreak attempts, emulation, reverse engineering and hooking, directly to your back-end logic, in real time.

Remote lock and wipe is valuable 
in a range of scenarios

Fine-grained programmable responses

Ensure your back-end app responds quickly and accurately to mobile app security breaches by integrating threat detection and response directly into your server-side application. Program specific responses to security breaches, such as remote app lock and unlock, and remote app wipe.

Cryptographic key management as a service

Our comprehensive REST APIs generate and manage cryptographic keys for standard symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms, so you can employ powerful encryption methods to secure user logins, protect data, secure communications, and safely carry out security-critical operations.



Build38's ability to communicate app-level security information to our back-end server, which in turn applies swift security actions to individual app instances, has allowed us to create a more secure and user-friendly banking experience_

Discover the next generation
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