Create rules-based responses and attestations

Our user-friendly no-code SaaS interface empowers your non-technical business teams to effortlessly set up automated rules-based remote security responses and attestations, including real-time conformity attestations for emerging standards such as PCI-MPoC and eIDAS 2.

Rules-based security responses

Set conditional rules that trigger real-time remote responses to specific threats as soon as they arise. Customize your app’s response to specific security scenarios and activate protective remote lock or remote wipe responses if pre-defined thresholds are exceeded or anomalies are detected.

Chief Security Officer


>Build38 frees up our mental capacity, allowing us to focus more on our core business, rather than constantly worrying about security_

Real-time security attestations

Empower your business teams to effortlessly establish real-time security attestations that confirm compliance with regulations such as PCI-MPoC and eIDAS 2, authorizing your app to carry out sensitive actions like authenticating third-party services, electronically signing documents, or processing payments.

Streamlining the process of attestation and response offers multiple benefits, including:

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