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Superior mobile in-app protection

Build38’s best-in-class mobile in-app protection not only protects your app, it also seamlessly relays data and alerts to threat intelligence modules in the cloud (XDR), so you can detect and respond to threats remotely.

Six kinds of mobile in-app [protection]

Runtime environment verification

Identify vulnerabilities within your mobile app’s runtime environment, pinpointing tools and scenarios that may potentially be putting it at risk.

Application and code integrity

Keep your app code and assets intact on both disk and in memory, safeguarding against threats such as tampering, hooking and repackaging.

Data protection

Protect user and app data at rest, in transit or in use, with powerful data encryption that safeguards against app data lifting, asset theft, and memory tampering attacks.

Strong cryptography

Deploy and protect cryptographic keys that adapt to individual devices, ensuring they remain effective against potential threats such as key leakage and side-channel attacks.

Active hardening

Reinforce your app’s overall security and defend against data theft and back-end API attacks with cryptographic individualization, certificate issuance and device binding.


Enhance app security with cloud-based threat detection and response. Livestream security telemetry data to our server in real time to extract actionable threat insights.

Autonomous termination

Shut down compromised apps as soon as a security breach has been detected, preventing affected users from accessing them until the issue has been resolved.

CISO and Head of Operational Risk


>Mobile attacks have surged in West Africa, especially with the introduction of Bluetooth contactless payments, but our bank has remained breach-free since deploying Build38. Their solution allows me to sleep better at night _

Go beyond traditional in-app [protection]

Data-at-rest encryption

Protect both your users’ and your app’s sensitive data,  and comply with stringent data protection regulations, by employing robust encryption algorithms that render them unreadable to anyone without a decryption key.

Cryptographic key management

Secure sensitive data and communications with a suite of client- and server-side cryptographic utilities that include NIST-compliant RNG, app-instance individualization, BYOK, and key management services.

Backend API protection

Safeguard your backend APIs from attacks like API scraping and API abuse by limiting access to legitimate, hardened app instances that have been vetted and secured by our system.

Mobile code obfuscation

Prevent code tampering and protect your IP with advanced obfuscation techniques such as renaming, control-flow obfuscation, and string encryption, that scramble source code for outside viewers.

Secure PIN pad

Prevent data from being intercepted and protect PIN codes from prying eyes, with a secure PIN pad that provides a shielded visual environment within your app, all while offering a seamless user experience.

Head of Mobile Banking Solutions

>What's fantastic about Build38 is that it handles much of the thinking about the types of attacks we need to defend against. 
This is where their value truly shines. It frees up our mental capacity, allowing us to focus more on our core business, rather than constantly worrying about security_

Three flexible integration options

Master Code

Customize your solution and access advanced features, for bespoke mobile app security.

Low Code

Make minor adjustments and deploy within hours. Transition seamlessly to master code protection.

No Code

Protect your app in a matter of minutes with our post-coding framework.

Fine-grained cloud-initiated remediation

Monitor and respond instantly to security threats remotely with our cloud-based threat intelligence services. Actions can be initiated manually through our web console, triggered by your back-end application via our REST APIs, or executed automatically based on predefined rules in our Attestation & Response module.

Remote app lock and unlock
Lock or unlock an app remotely when suspicious activity is detected, and require users to complete additional authentication steps to regain access.
Remote wipe
In extreme cases, wipe or erase all application data entirely when malicious activity is detected.

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