Keep constant watch with our threat intelligence console

Our user-friendly threat intelligence portal offers your security professionals, compliance and fraud managers, and SOC teams real-time visibility and control over app security, at both a sweeping and granular level, so you can monitor for threats and shut them down when they appear.

An holistic and detailed overview

Get a comprehensive overview of your apps’ security status, including metrics on breach types, affected devices, affected operating systems and how many apps have been compromised. Zoom in to specific app instances to get a detailed user-level view of any individual app among millions.

Head of Mobile Banking Solutions


>We used to have limited visibility into the types of attacks our mobile banking app faced. Now we can inform our bank clients about the specific attacks their app encounters_

Fine-grained response control

Build38’s portal gives you the fine-grained control you need to respond to security threats on a case-by-case basis. Remote lock compromised apps until users complete additional authentication steps, or remote wipe app data entirely if malicious activity is detected.

Remote lock and wipe is valuable 
in a range of scenarios

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of mobile app security