Three cloud modules enhance in-app protection

Build38 outperforms traditional RASP solutions by augmenting its best-in-class mobile in-app protection with three optional cloud-based threat intelligence modules, for truly superior app security.

Human-supervized, no-code automated, and custom-programmed threat intelligence

Our platform leverages real-time telemetry data streamed into the Build38 cloud, empowering your teams and back-end software to respond swiftly to perceived mobile app threats as they occur, wherever they may be.

Threat Intelligence Portal

Monitor your mobile app security and respond to threats swiftly with our user-friendly web console.

Set up automated remote security responses and attestations, no technical expertise required. Comply with emerging standards such as PCI-MPoC and eIDAS 2.

Incorporate detailed mobile detection and response actions into your server-side applications and utilize advanced cryptographic key management-as-a-service, thanks to our REST APIs.

Why businesses choose Build38

Businesses worldwide trust Build38 with their mobile app security. Don’t just take our word for it—listen to what our customers have to say

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