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ebook: making identities mobile - Build38


Ebook: Making identities mobile

Mobile Identity: Robust On-the-Go Protection Against Digital Threats Mobile Identity gives you on-the-go protection so you can worry less about attacks and data extraction in your company. We want to make sure that we are protecting and challenge hackers and fraudsters who want to steal your data making sure that your identity and those of […]

Solution Brief Mobile app security - Build38

Solution Brief

Build38 Mobile App Security Platform

Discover how Build38’s comprehensive mobile app security platform integrates AI and cloud technology to provide multi-layered threat protection against data breaches and unauthorized access that outshines the competition.

Case studies

Top 10 global bank

Discover how a top-ten global bank enhanced mobile security for 8 million users with Build38. Explore innovative strategies for securing mobile banking apps, safeguarding customer credentials, and integrating AI-powered threat detection. Download the case study to revolutionize your mobile banking security.

Case studies

Prominent African mobile bank

Discover how Build38 collaborated with a top European digital ID app to safeguard users’ online information. Explore strategies to thwart advanced threats, secure cryptographic keys, and ensure compliance with EU regulations like eIDAS 2. Download the case study now.

Case studies

Leader in banking app software

Learn how a major banking app software provider strengthened security for 70 retail banks with Build38. Discover strategies for transitioning to mobile-first banking, securing digital solutions, and improving threat response. Download the case study now.

Quick Start Guide: PCI MPoC & SoftPOS Guide - Build38

Quick start guides

Quick Start Guide: PCI MPoC & SoftPOS Guide

Slash your PCI certification time by 60% while you are developing your SoftPOS solution Let us guide you through the most frequently asked questions surrounding the topic of the new MPoC Standard. Get an overview to help you get started and find out how you can transform any phone into a POS terminal with ease. […]

Data Sheet: Build38 Mobile App Security Platform

Data sheets

Data Sheet: Build38 Mobile App Security Platform

Taking Mobile App Security to The Next Level Build38 is a true game-changer, streamlining the process of fortifying your apps against hackers and bolstering backend security. We revolutionise mobile app security by instilling trust in the most vulnerable environments, guaranteeing the safeguarding of app data, backend access, and personal information, all while proactively anticipating and […]

Quick start guide: Super App protection - Build38

Quick start guides

Quick Start Guide: Super App protection

Security for Super Apps: more features, more convenience, and more security. Shield your Super App with Build38. Let us guide you through the checklist on how you can shield your Super App from potential fraudsters. Discover the most common security threats of Super Apps. Download our Protection Guide to learn more about the value of […]